Build Your Perspective While Purchasing The Ford Wheel Spacers

You are the proud owner of a glamorous and sizzling Ford vehicle. But somehow, you are not satisfied with its current performance. It doesn’t mean that you will invest in another vehicle. That’s because you have the opportunity for refurbishing the existing vehicle. Just install the Ford Wheel Spacers, and see the world of difference. First, the look wise appeal will change significantly. The spacer will push the wheels out in such a way that the car will take on a protruding aggressive look.


Safeguards the wheels:

Secondly, the wheels of your favored vehicle will stay safe and secured. Wear and tear is one of the most common issues. If the wheel, for that matter, the tire undergoes fast wear and tear, then, the prospect is likely to influence the power and performance of your vehicle. You will fail to drive it at high-speed amid difficult road conditions. But now that you have installed spacers, you can fulfill your passion for racing and long-distant drives.

Gives a perfect fit:

The spacers improve the fitting of wheels. If wheels are not properly fitted, then the car becomes vulnerable to accidents. Such wheels affect the engine performance, as well because poorly fitted wheels exert unnecessary pressure on the engine. But you can take care of these odds and issues with the help of wheel spacers. You can control the vehicle more effectively, than before. Even if you are driving across roads filled with bumps and potholes, you don’t feel the jerky effect.


Some more advantages:

In this way, the spacers stabilize the power and performance of your car. You can increase the offset of your wheel, with the device and thus ensure, enhanced road grip, control, and manipulation. The overall functionality of your prized vehicle increases. Moreover, it increases the safety quotient. If you have better control over the brake, you can guide the vehicle in such a way that it steers clear of collision and the other untoward incidents.

Get high-quality products:

It is good that you are aware of the beneficial aspects of the Ford wheel spacers which are provided by the customadeonly, at affordable prices. The price is reasonable, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. The facility is particular about selling quality-tested products made of high-grade billet aluminum. It not only facilitates the sale and purchase of wheel spacers but also addresses the installation-related issues. Most importantly, you can place an order for custom-designing. The facility takes note of your model number, the thickness of the wheel and the kind of nut pattern it has. After this, it lines up a plan for custom-making so that you get the most suitable product that fits the requirement of your Ford vehicle.

Importance of maintenance:

As a user, you should also know how to maintain the spacers. The latter is susceptible to wears and tears. But if you get them serviced, at regular intervals, the spacers will remain in the top working condition. With regular maintenance and care, you can also prevent cracks from occurring. So, while placing the order for custom designing, you should also finalize the servicing contract. In that way, you can take good care of the installed spacers.



How to Have Fantastic Ford Wheel Spacers with Minimal Spending

Car owners, auto repair shops, and mechanics might have heard the term ‘car wheel spacers’ for a trillion times. As one of the most crucial parts or accessories of a car, wheel spacers play a highly significant role in improving your vehicle’s performance. That’s not all; wheel spacers are the prime forces in upgrading your car’s on-road performance.

Put all these factors together, and you will get a comprehensive idea of the significance of wheel spacers. If you are planning to buy one for your Ford model, it’s high time to find out the right tips. Take a look at this post as it reveals some of the most effective tips in this regard.

Identifying profitable deals

Every car owner will look for profitable deals while buying fantastic Ford Wheel Spacers. When it comes to buying the best wheel spacers for your Ford model, make it a point to look at competitive prices. Some of the top dealerships will come up with affordable options. However, it’s always imperative to check the quality standards. Here are some of the crucial ways to buy top-quality wheel spacers for your Ford Car.

  1. Product quality

Wheel spacers come in diverse varieties and have different specifications. Depending on the requirements of your Ford model, you will have to choose top-quality products. Look for certified sellers and plan your purchase with them. The leading sellers’ stock high efficiency car wheel spacers for your Ford model.

  1. Check out specifications

When it boils down to buying wheel spacers for your Ford car, make sure you check the specifications first. Two of the most significant parameters include:

  • Universal fit: Check whether the universal fit and vehicle application options comply with your car models.
  • Width: Ford cars also differ from one another. No two Ford Cars are similar, which creates the demand for individual wheel spacers. While buying one for your car, make it a point to check the width.

Considering these aspects will help you identify the right products. Make sure you get highly functional and high-efficiency wheel spacers for your car.

  1. Find leading sellers

Finding out the most reliable and efficient manufacturers seem to be of paramount significance in this context. If you wish to buy top-quality Ford Wheel Spacers, highly reputed and renowned sellers like Customadeonly will offer the best assistance. With a comprehensive and diverse inventory of car wheel spacers, this particular company will offer the best option that suits your existing Ford model.

Quick tips for buying

With these tips in mind, you can find out fantastic wheel spacers for your Ford model. Associating with top sellers will be beneficial in numerous ways. Apart from selling the best products, these dealerships will also offer the best deals. You can get top-quality products at minimum prices, which is a huge benefit for buyers.

Plan your purchase today

Get in touch with pioneering auto parts dealerships. They will offer highly functional wheel spacers for your Ford car at competitive prices.

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7 Disadvantages of Ford Wheel Spacers and How to Solve Them

There are common beliefs that there are many troubles faced during the use of the wheel spacers. There are many benefits also. If you use the right fit of the wheel spacers, you will get manifold benefits. There are certain issues that may be faced with your Ford Wheel Spacers and taking certain steps, you may be able to avoid them. Have a look at these different problems and their probable solutions.

Black Wheel Spacers - 5X100 56.1CB - 20mm

  1. Improper fittings: If the fittings of your wheel spacers have not been done properly, it may pose a big problem for your car. The spacers are part of your wheel assembly and this assembly bears the entire weight of the vehicle. If the fittings are loose or improper, the unsafe conditions of the vehicle will rise. The chances of the accidents will go up. It should not remain loose. It may come of any time leading to serious injury of the passengers in the vehicle.
  2. Not customized: If the wheel spaces are not customized, they may not be able to deliver the results that you had been expecting of them. Go to the reputed manufacturers who can take up your specialized requirements and customize the products for you. You can have the looks that you had always longed for. The riding feel of the car will get enhanced as per your need including the increase of the ground clearance. The readymade products can never match the performance of the customized ones.
  3. Not getting the desired levels of control while driving: If you want to get the enhanced control of the car, you have to select the right wheel spacers. Always go by the specifications of the spacers to find out whether the spacers are compatible for the model of your car.
  4. Not getting the desired looks: You should get the looks that you have been longing for with the use of the wheel spacers. A wrong fitting of the wheel spacer may have caused the problem. Go to the dealer find the best compatible and good looking spacers.
  5. Spacers are very cheap: If you have settled for spacers which are too cheap may have helped you in the saving of considerable money. This may lead to the chances of getting products which are of inferior quality. These products may be unsafe and dangerous to use.
  6. Bolt pattern is not adequate: If the bolt patterns of your car are not enough for the firm and secure fitting, you should go for the spacers which has larger bolts. This will make your car safer. The chances of the wheel assembly suddenly getting loose will be removed.
  7. Using cheap spacers: Go to reliable dealers such as Customadeonly for buying your Ford Wheel Spacers for best results. Prices of their products may be slightly higher but you can rely on them for the quality. You should not buy products which are too cheap.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to overcome the problems faced in using wheel spacers.

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Seven Tricks You Must Know When Using Ford Wheel Spacers

The usage of the car wheel spacers has become very common nowadays. You will find many sellers selling the wheel spacers of many car makes and models. Getting the right one for your car may become a challenge for persons who do not have much about cars and spacers. Here are 7 tricks you should know for using Ford Wheel Spacers for your vehicle.


  1. Go for the customized ones: There are many types of spacers that are available in the market. The customized spacers fit in properly to your vehicle. Any misfit may give rise to chances of accidents. The customized ones are made for your car make and model in a tailor made manner and can give the best results.
  2. Buy from a manufacturer of repute: A manufacturer has built up his reputation with the supply of quality materials with time. He will be more dependable as per the quality of materials provided than any other unknown manufacturer. The famed ones generally provide good after sales services also.
  3. Do not compromise on budget: There are many types of wheel spacers that are available in the market. Their price ranges also vary from the cheaper to the expensive ones. If you compromise on the budget too much, you may land up purchasing a lower grade of material. Better prices give better quality of materials.
  4. Do some research: During making your choice of the manufacturer, do some research beforehand. Take the opinion of car mechanics or the local garage. You can also do an internet research for finding out the desired details. Research will give you an insight of the details of the car wheel spacers.
  5. Change the bolt pattern: Your car may come with a 4 bolt pattern. With the fitting of spacers, you can change the bolt pattern of your car into 6 type bolt pattern. The spacers fit on to the hub firmly with increased bolts. The safety aspects of the cars get enhanced with the increase in the bolt pattern of the car.
  6. Make your car look trendy: When you purchase from companies like Customadeonly, you can get excellent Ford Wheel Spacersthat can enhance the looks of your car. The wheels are pushed out giving an aggressive look to your car. Many people love fitting the spacers to make their cars look smarter and eye catchy.
  7. Increase the life of your car parts: When you add spacers to your car, you can enhance the life of different parts of the car. The suspension system gets better with lesser jerks. The car weight gets distributed more evenly leading to a better road grip. The wheel does not rub against the fenders or the brake calipers.

Getting the right spacers is most important. After purchasing your vehicle, go to the right manufacturer for fitting the most suited spacer for your vehicle. The correct spacer installation will not only increase the life of certain body parts but will also add to the safety elements of the car.

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All You Wanted To Know About Ford Wheel Spacers

With the wheel spacer becoming quite popular among the car lovers, many options are available to you to choose from.  Most people, however, feel that spacers are only for the car and trucks of large sizes. If you are in this league, it is time to reject this notion. The wheel spacers can do wonders to your small car by giving it a smarter, steadier and bigger look.  There is no requirement to purchase a larger vehicle to satisfy your desire of driving a big car. Use the Ford Wheel Spacers to give your small car a dashing look and add to its weight. Try out the market and search through many options available, to reach the spacer that is most suitable for the wheel.

Little Space Between the Wheels

Often you find tiny space between the wheels in a car.  The small space leaves no room for the brake kit that stands in between the wheels. You need to create space between the tires to enjoy a better drive. To buy the spacer that fits your car the best, you need to know about your vehicle and its make. These factors influence the width of the spacer to a great extent. Although there are many spacers available that fit any brand or make of cars, going for a spacer that is specially made to fit the model that you drive is a better option.


Going For The Brand

To ensure that the spacer fits your car correctly, most vehicle manufacturers create their brand of spacers. This is to ensure your safety and to improve the handling experience you have with the car. If you drive a Ford, it is always advisable to go for a Ford Wheel Spacer manufactured by the car company and for that you can always visit  The spacers have the reputation of being the right fit for the model and the year of manufacture of the vehicle. In case you do not find a spacer that fits your car, readily available, you should go for customized spacers.

The Benefits Of Getting Customized Spacer

When you buy a customized wheel spacer, you are sure to get one that fits into the bolt pattern of the wheel perfectly. The spacers, custom-made for your car also take into consideration the center bore of a wheel. Since the diameter of the center bore is available in the documents, you can easily provide the information to the makers of your customized spacers. Each model of the Ford has a different bolt pattern and a different diameter of the center bore.  Buying readymade spacer on the highway may not fit the wheel properly.

 No Additional Strain On Suspension.

 A common fear that runs among many people is that the installation of wheel spacer results in the wearing away of the suspension components, due to the additional pressure that the spacer puts on it. Experts suggest that although using larger wheels may add to the pressure on the wheel bearings, the spacer does not put any additional strain on the ball joints. People who ruin the cars on the highways and off-road situations, have no complaints about the functionality of the spacers, leave alone the complaints of premature wearing away of the suspension.

 You may go for the hub-centric or the lug-centric design of spacers. Both are equally safe for your vehicle, provided you get the right one for your car and you get the installation done by experts.

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Are Ford Wheel Spacers safe to use?

Customizing your car is always a special thing when you do it on your taste and if you are too much passionate about your car. When starting on customization of a car, if you are interested to get your car decked from top to bottom then starting with the wheels is the best option.


Using a car wheel spacer is recommended to bring out the look of your car as well as creating a statement with it. For different cars, different wheel spacers are available. This is due to the fact that if the wheel spacer does not fit the car wheel properly then remains chances degrading the suspensions and tyre health of the vehicle. Since the spacers also aid a driver in taking smooth corners and stabilise the tire balance making the car performance stable and smooth. If your brand of car is different from the brand of spacer then the brake alignments do not match as the spacer gets inside the wheel producing a gap between the wheel rim and tyre. As a result the tyre suffers damage due to increased friction, the tyre control reduces and thus the road risks increases. The wheels also look ugly when the spacers do not fit well. So it is always recommended to go for the same brand and diameter of your car wheel. For example the other day my friend told me to look for some customization ideas for his ford car. As I was going through the various sites that provide customization and accessories for cars I came across Customadeonly. Their packages and wide variety of car wheel adapters and spacers impressed me. They had every kind of spacers and adapters for every kind of vehicles from trucks to family cars. As I filtered my search to find wheel spacers for my friend, I was amazed at the designs and varieties of them. Their all time operating website has got options to get in touch with their car experts who can suggest you with ideas to customize your car within your budget and taste. My friend had question if the wheel spacer for the Ford car that he owns will be safe since there were many studies which warned Ford users from attaching wheel spacers. But after talking with the group of experts from Customadeonly my friend got assured which spacer to use for his car so that the safety and style of his car is ensured to the fullest. He chose from the line of Customadeonly-Ford wheel spacers and is now quite happy for giving his car a new look that too in such an affordable price. To avoid extra load added from ill fitting wheel adapters and spacers always take recommendation from experts.

The Ford wheel spacers had reputation of being less functional to the cars since most customer reviews that are available online are made by the ones who had bought them randomly without experts advice.

So, in order to make your cars stylish and utility based, go for a proper customization process by experts, only after you have made the right research regarding which company to choose.

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Buy the best quality wheel spacer at attractive price!

Presently, in the market, there are several online companies who offer different branded wheel adapters and spacers to their customers. Different brand and dimension is available in the market. Choose a product as per your requirement. Car wheel spacer basically prevents your car’s wheel body from different kinds of accident. It will protect your car wheel and help to last longer. If you don’t have much idea about the wheel spacers, then search the internet or read this article very carefully.


Complete guidance about the wheel spacers

Currently, there are several online websites who offer different branded car wheel spacers like Toyota wheel spacers, Ford Wheel Spacers, Honda Wheel Spacers and truck wheel spacers etc. You can choose a product as per your car brand. Now, always choose a company very carefully. There are some fraud online companies who offer poor or duplicate quality product in the market and the price of the product is also high. So, search the internet properly and after acquiring a complete knowledge about the product and company, placing an order online.

If you are looking for reputed online company, then you may contact directly Customadeonly – Ford Wheel Spacers. They provide different kinds of wheel spacers for Ford car. They also provide genuine product with attractive rates. They will deliver product on time and they have strong customer care department. So, if you will face any kind of product delay or payment related problem, you can call them instantly. Their expert customer care agents will solve your all the queries.


They have proficient knowledge in the usage of alloy wheel spacers for numerous applications. They have a complete range of 4mm spacers and 9mm spacers up to 65mm car wheel spacers. Guarantee you deal with an enterprise which has massive experience in selling and fitting wheel spacers. People can use their car Wheel spacer locator above to search for car wheel spacers for your vehicle, otherwise they do stock certain generic 5mm spacers, 3mm spacers, and 10mm spacers, but with the 10mm car wheel spacers they recommend only consuming the H&R hub centric or Eibach wheel spacers.

They can able to product wheel spacers from 6mm to 40 mm easily. They have an expert manufacturer who produced a quality product as per requirement. They also have smart employees who will assist you at each step during purchase the product. To purchase the product, you need to sign up in the website first. Fill up an online form and submit it and open an online account. Now, using that account, you can choose, order and buy a product very easily. You need to fill up an online form easily and after filling the form you have to submit it online. Now, the payment term is depends on how much you are investing for purchase purpose. You can make payment using your debit or credit card or you can make payment after cash on delivery. Now, they may need to charge some extra money for home delivery but it also depends on product quantity and price structure.