Know How To Install Installing Wheel Spacers For Trucks

Wheel spacers are suitable means of changing the physical attributes of a truck. You can use them to customize a car. You can modify the looks of a vehicle. Spacers are also used to change the wheelbase of the vehicle. With them, the wheelbase can be widened, but that will affect the appearance and functioning of the other parts of the car. Numerous kinds of materials are used for making these spacers.


Setting of wheel spacers for trucks

Installation of wheel spacers for trucks can occur in many ways. The first method involves the setting of the spacers on the hub of the wheel. The second method involves setting up the spacers on the axle with the assistance of special screws. The third way makes use of long bolts.


Different types of spacers

There are mainly two types of metal spacers. The aluminum spacers are on the lighter side, and they have anti-corrosive qualities. Comparatively, the spacers that are made of steel are stronger.

Examine the owner’s manual to find out details regarding spacing

If you decide to install wheel spacers for the truck, then you have to choose the exact fit for your vehicle that is available on What type of car spacers are appropriate for your car is the most important question that should crop into your mind. You can find out the answer from your owner’s manual. You can find everything to the minute details. You may need to see the cars with which the spacers have the same compatibility. You should also know the type of engine, type of vehicle, year of the vehicle, model of the vehicle and the brand of the car. All these kinds of information are essential before installing.


Some of the guidelines to be kept in mind while installing spacers:

According to the type of vehicle, study the owner’s manual. Remove the tires as specified in the service manual. You need to remove the retainer clips of the rotor. Another person should assist you in applying brakes. Make sure that rotor retainer does not start to spin. The utilization of impact gun is prohibited. Ensure that the lug nuts are tightly secured. You should see that the wheel studs do not extend over the new wheel. Take your vehicle outside for a drive to check that the lug nuts are properly fastened or not. If you find any disturbance, then they require being re-installed again.  For a wheel to wheel spacing, utilize lug nuts to reassemble.


Installation of spacers is safe

The installation of wheel spacers causes some extra strain on the wheel bearings. It causes some stress on the individual components of the vehicle. So you have to monitor them at frequent intervals and have them replaced when the requirement arises. Wheels installed with spacers will make the steering a bit heavy. However, wheels mounted with spacers are very safe. The load is shifted from the wheel to the hub by the friction caused by the joint. As the wheel stud is not affected, it does not bend.


5 Easy steps to add wheel spacers for your truck

Among the essential safety parts of any vehicle, wheel spacers are of utmost important. The wheel spacers for trucks provide the essential safety for a safe driving. The person needs the following materials to fit the spacer.  Hand Gloves, Automotive Jack, Jack Stand, Tire iron or breaker bar with sockets, Torque wrench, Wire brush, Degreaser, and Shop Rag.

Easy installation in 5 simple steps

There are so many different companies like Customadeonly manufacture different specifications of Wheel spacers for trucks. Always fix the spacer which accurately fits into your model of vehicle. Avoid using the spacers which do not fit your model. Download the sixty wheel spacer selection guide and go through it thoroughly before getting started.

Park your vehicle on a plain surface. The surface must be hard enough to hold the weight of the vehicle. Without removing, loosen the lug nuts that fasten the wheel to the hub using the tire iron or breaker bar. Then rise up the vehicle.

Slide an automatic jack to lift the vehicle for appropriate lift point and raise it so that you could lift the single tire completely off the ground. Keep a jack stand under your vehicle, and bring down your vehicle onto the jack stand. Do not work when the car or truck is in the lifted position. At times there are likely chances that it will fall down and cause severe injury to the person working down.

 Remove the lug nuts on the raised tire. Slide the wheel off the hub and set it apart. Use a degreaser on the lug studs and clean them down with a rag. Use a wire brush to clean up the surface, if it is dirty, rusted, or pitted. The hub area must be clean and smooth. So, utmost care must be given for cleaning it.

Use a Loctite to secure your spacer. Place a drop of Loctite on each wheel stud. Have your wheel spacer on to the hub, with the holes in the spacer lined up with the wheel studs. Make sure the spacer is placed firmly against the hub. Using the bolts, attach the spacer to the hub. Tighten the nuts using a torque wrench. It must not be loose or very tight.

Then, Slide the wheel onto the studs which are extending from the wheel spacer. Fix the lug nuts and tighten them to the appropriate torque specification. Tighten the bolts in a star pattern to ensure proper seating of the wheel onto the spacer. Lift the vehicle using the automotive jack, remove the jack stand and bring it down with the installed wheel spacer. And repeat the same steps above mentioned for another fixing.

When fixing the wheel spacer it is important to get the assistance of an experienced mechanic. Do not ever try it without having any prior knowledge. And also after fixing the spacer do the tests drive in a safer environment. After you find your drive is smooth and comfortable, start your journey.  Your journey will be very exciting and memorable.

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