Wheel Spacers Are An Important Addition To The BMW Cars

Among the many brands of cars that are popular in the market, BMW requires special mention. It is considered to be one of the most high-end cars that are used by the top class people. Common people cannot afford a car as costly as this. In case you happen to have a prized BMW, you must be head over heels with it. Moist people who own such costly vehicle try to take special care of these vehicles.  This can be done through the fixing of additional items or accessories that create a unique look. Similarly, fitting of wheel spacers makes the car look different. It also endows additional safety features to the vehicle. The wheels become stronger and capable of carrying more of the load.


Having concept of wheel spacers:

If you are looking for bmw wheel spacers for your vehicle, you must first get some knowledge on wheel spacers. On adding these elements to your car, you will be able to lend support to the wheels of the car. Almost all cars can be fitted with these devices. They are fitted in the space in between the car hub and the wheel. The good quality hubs are generally made out of aluminum. They are prepared in various shapes and sizes to match the different types and makes of the vehicles. Each one is different from the other. Even for the BMW cars, you can get different types of spacers which are different for each model of BMW.

Very vital components of the vehicle:

Your BMW car needs proper care to last you for a long period. This needs to be protected from accidents. For this, you should contact companies like Customadeonly for installation of bmw wheel spacers in your car. This will make your car sturdier from within. It will have more equilibrium. Chances for toppling over will be ruled out. You can take even sharper turns. The overall handling of the car will become more efficient. Apart from imparting the inner strength, the external appearance of the car will become awesome and attractive. The wheels will get pushed out giving it a heroic and sturdier look. The larger tires will give greater road grip. This appearance is especially liked by the youngsters. There are a plethora of shapes of spacers. You can choose as per your choice that can make your car look even more attracting.

A different feeling after driving with spacers:

When you drive the vehicle with the wheel spacers fixed, you will get a totally different feel as to being driving a more powerful car. These spacers will also prolong the life of the parts of the vehicle. The suspension and the breaks will face lesser stress. The cost of your vehicle maintenance will also go down. But before you go for the purchase, ensure that you do proper homework so that you make no mistake in selecting the most suited one for your cars. Then only can you can reap the maximum benefits of the spacers.

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Get The Customized Spacers To Get The Best Effects

There are many companies that are selling the automobile parts for the different types of cars and the models that are in use. Among the many parts that are sold, wheel spacers are a common variety. There are other items such as bolt patterns, custom adapters and hub rings, etc. Apart from the traditional retails stores for the selling of these parts, online selling has also caught up a lot. The companies have come up with the e-commerce sites that are very easy to use for doing the online purchases. The buyers can have direct contact with the sellers through the internet and can procure the items of their choice and needs.

Online business is on a rise

The online selling is becoming increasingly popular day by day. Most of the buyers are preferring this option of buying day by day. It is the boon of technology that helps in the saving of money along with precious time. There are stiff competitions in the market where there are many companies producing similar products. This has led to the requirement of wooing the customers to effect an increase in the sales. The companies who are selling the vehicle spacers provide all the details on the web page along with the photos and detailed specifications of each and every type of spacer.


Individual specifications are required for customization

People have become aware of the utility of custom wheel spacers fort their cars. They are best suited for a particular model and maker of a vehicle. They can also create the unique looks which a readymade one cannot make. The fitting will be perfect, and the best looks as per the choice of the customer. There is just no comparison of these products to meet the individualistic needs of spacers.  These products are generally hub centric. This makes a better fit of these items. This also can make the vehicle ride safer. For this custom type spacer, the specifications have to be furnished by the vehicle owner.

Totally secure form of payment

The pricing pattern of these items is based on the sizes and specs of the items that are sold. The metal used for the spacer construction is another factor on the pricing issue. The payment for online purchases too has to be done through online gateways. It can be done through Netbanking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, etc. The entire process is made absolutely secure by the website builders. If security factor is compromised, no customer will come back a second time. The payment also takes place in a real-time mode, and there is no delay in the receiving the payment immediately on selling.

Increase the life of your vehicle parts

Few companies such as Customadeonly are the only ones that are giving the best discounts for custom wheel spacers to create an attraction among the customers. You will surely benefit from selecting the customized ones and be able to prolong the life of your vehicle parts. Lesser maintenance cost will have to be incurred.

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Get The Best 8 Lug Spacers For Your Truck

When you attach wheel spacers to your vehicle, you stand to gain a lot with the additional benefits that you get along with it.  If you want to convert a single one to a dual one of 8 lugs truck, the procedure can be carried out easily with wheel spacers. The price of wheel spacers is not too high. On addition of the spacers, additional load bearing capacity is developed for the trucks. Traction can be increased for the trucks. Fitting of the spacers is not very difficult. There are many companies that are making these 8 lug wheel spacers for your truck. You have to get hold of the most suited manufacturer.

Load bearing capacity is enhanced

You get a wide array of companies which are promoting their manufactured wheel spacers and their utilities. There are many types of these spacers that can be fitted onto different types of trucks that are available. With the addition of the spacers, extra space is created for the fitting of an additional tire with rim. With the second tire in place, a wider base area is generated for additional load bearing. The large trucks have double wheel hubs. They are protruded towards the outside from the axle side, resulting in the addition of one more tire with rim. The large commercial trucks if fitted with the spacers stand to benefit a lot.


Purchase from well known companies

Getting wheel spacers for your trucks will enhance the safety features of your truck. The chances of the truck to face accident minimize with the usage of wheel spacers. If you are searching for a reliable seller of the wheel spacers, it would be the best to buy products of a company that is well known in the market. You will find a big number of sellers who are dealing with different types of wheel spacers for trucks. The manufacturers of repute make products which are of superior quality. These products can fit in properly with your trucks and you may get them at discounted offers which other small sellers may not be able to offer. The better known companies also supply commendable after sales services.

Buy the right spacers for your vehicle

Getting the correct spacers for your vehicle is very essential for getting the complete performance of the spacers. The spacers should be appropriate as per the dimensions to make it fit in properly. You can find many sellers and manufacturers selling the spacers of different varieties. Try to get hold of the OEMs to make the best fit of the spacers. An original product can guarantee about the quality and the level of the performance of the spacer. The vehicle becomes safer for use also.

Get hold of the correct lug type

Usage of the correct bolt type is absolutely essential for the safety aspects. If the truck is not too heavy, using a 6 lug type will do. If you are having a heavy truck, Customade only can provide you the best 8 lug wheel spacers for your truck. Fix the spacers and lower the maintenance costs for your truck.

Get Stunning Looks For Your Car With Wheel Spacers

With the installation of wheel spacers it helps in the fixing of larger tires. After these wheel spacers are fitted, some additional space gets created in between the wheel and the car hub. On installing the car spacers your car gets a great look. The wheels of the car are pushed outwards, which lends a robust look to the car. Without the spacers the car may look pretty ordinary. Through the spacers, a car gets more of balance and the performance of the car gets enhanced. The younger people prefer usage of spacers as they feel that they create stylish looks for their cars.

Traction is Increased

The performance of the car is increased when the car is fitted with custom wheel adapters properly. The car begins to stand out from the crowd with its unique looks. When the wheel spacers are fixed the vehicle becomes more capable of carrying larger weight. This is known as traction. When the wheels jot out, the car becomes more stable. The grip on the road also becomes better. Chances of the car toppling over are minimized. On addition of the spacers, the appearance of the vehicle becomes more attractive.

There may be certain questions that may cross your mind before buying the spacers for your car. Some of the common questions have been discussed below:

wheel spacers1

Who are the customers for the wheel spacers?

There are no particular categorizations of customers who may buy wheel spacers. But as per the trend goes, persons buying the larger cars go for the wheel spacers more. The owners of sedans and SUVs generally purchase the wheel spacers. On fixing these elements, they can make your car look classy. The performance of the car goes for a boost. The car becomes more stable while on the run with the fitting of the spacers.

While the purchasing of the wheel spacers, do you need new tires and rims?

New tires and rims set are not required at all. The spacers can be easily fitted onto the existing tires and rims. During the time of purchase, it has to be ensured that the new spacers are compatible with the existing tires and rims. You can save upon using the older set of tires and rims.

What needs to be kept in mind while purchasing  fresh spacers set?

There are 3 points that need to be considered with the purchase of the new wheel spacers. The product quality, the correct size and the type are the ones that need o be paid heed to during the purchasing process. The aluminum spacers are the best among the lot. The spacer size should fit in with that of your car. The hub centric spacers would be suitable for the cars.

When do you need to install spacers?

If you go to companies like Customade only, you may get custom wheel adapters that are compatible with type and model of vehicle you own. If you want to upgrade the looks of your car along with performance, getting wheel spacers is essential.

Do you need branded products?

Branded products would be dependable with better quality and prolonged life.

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Fit The Right Wheel Spacers To Get The Best Results

There are certain famous brands of vehicles that are a part of the high end users. These are highly dependable brands and the performance of these cars is also awesome. The users are generally very satisfied with the use of these cars. These cars make the spare parts of the vehicles also. These are original and the best fit for the car. These companies are also handling the manufacture of some of the accessories items which are of the best quality and can fit in to give the best performances. The accessories like the Honda Wheel Spacers can fit in very well to your car to give the best performance. The appearances of the cars are also improved to a great extent.

Using the originals

The famous companies who are manufacturing the original parts have their manufacturing bases spread throughout the world. Apart from the manufacturing of the cars they are also making the original parts. These companies have a certain brand name and they live up to their reputation. The quality of these materials produced is top class as they make no compromise on the type of substance used for the manufacturing purpose. The final quality of the produced materials undergoes stringent checks to ensure that no sub-standard quality material is generated. The employees working in these manufacturing units are very much experienced and take all precaution for making the best materials. Special care is taken to see that no faulty material is generated.


Widespread selling through online mode

In this age of marketing, there are many ways of promoting products. The manufacturers of spacers are selling through the retail stores of many dealers who are spread all over. Now with the popularity of the web, online selling has taken up like anything. The manufacturer have inserted e commerce pages on their websites so that they can do fast business. The buyer too find it convenient to get the details of all the products online, compare products and place an order to get prompt delivery of materials on payment. The manufacturer gets paid on real time basis and there is no delay in receiving the revenues.

Getting details of all products

If you go for online buying from Customadeonly, you can get all the details of Honda Wheel Spacers for your car. These companies have websites which furnish all the details of all types of spacers that they are dealing with. You can get the specs of the customized products also so that you can make an easy choice. Just purchase with a mere button click sitting at home.

Get good discounts for products

There are many schemes available for the promotion of products by attracting the buyers. Companies offer discounts on their spacers from time to time to boost the sales. You can avail warranties on the products. In case of manufacturing defects, they are changed totally for free. There are a variety of designs of the product that can be chosen from. They can create a great appearance of your car with additional boosting up its performance.

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Installation Of Wheel Spacers Are Absolutely Safe

There are lots of differences of opinion regarding the installation of wheel spacers. Some people feel that wheel spacers are not safe to use and give rise in probability of accidents. But, this is not true. There has been no person to have claimed that he has faced accidents due to fitting of wheel spacers. If the choice of the spacers is done judiciously, there is absolutely no risk at all. If there is improper offset in the car it can be rectified easily with the help of the installation of the spacers. This problem is solved at a very nominal cost with the fitting of the spacers. The axles of the car can be widened with the fitting of the spacers.

Get the befitting spacer

In case you go for a wrong selection of Dodge Wheel Spacers for your car, it can spell more harm than you can think of. Getting the right spacer which is fitting as per the make and the model of the car is absolutely essential. The best quality spacers for your vehicle are available from the manufacturers of repute. They are made out of billet aluminum. These spacers are made as strong as your wheels. The spacers are fitted onto the axles and not the wheels. As studs are fitted on to their bodies, they can be easily fixed. Usage of a spacer can help you change the bolt pattern of the wheel and make the car safer.


Changes to be made carefully

By attaching the wheel spacers, the offset of the vehicle is changed. The stress factor on the studs is impacted. It is seen that the axle feels the additional pressure. The ball joints too feel the tension. With the insertion of the spacers it is seen that the tires are pushed out and prevent them from friction against the brake calipers and the fenders. The life of these parts is enhanced with the insertion of wheel spacers. During the insertion of the spacers the suspension system of the cars are changed rendering greater balance and pose to the car.

Proper fixation is absolutely essential

When you are going for the fixation of car wheel spacers, there is an increase in the car parts created. The fitting of these parts have to be done very carefully. Any incorrect fixation can cause reason of the failure taking place. Getting and fixation from Customadeonly can guarantee proper quality and fittings of the materials without any fault. With proper fixation, they will not come off easily and they will be securely attached with the hub and the wheel by means of torquing of the nuts and bolts.

Lots of benefits derived in fitting of spacers

There are many benefits that can be got out of attachment of spacers to the vehicle wheels. The road grip of the wheels increase with the fixation. The appearance of the car gets bettered with the spacers. The investment behind the spacers will not go in vain. Getting a customized one can give you great results.

Seven Tricks You Must Know When Using Ford Wheel Spacers

The usage of the car wheel spacers has become very common nowadays. You will find many sellers selling the wheel spacers of many car makes and models. Getting the right one for your car may become a challenge for persons who do not have much about cars and spacers. Here are 7 tricks you should know for using Ford Wheel Spacers for your vehicle.


  1. Go for the customized ones: There are many types of spacers that are available in the market. The customized spacers fit in properly to your vehicle. Any misfit may give rise to chances of accidents. The customized ones are made for your car make and model in a tailor made manner and can give the best results.
  2. Buy from a manufacturer of repute: A manufacturer has built up his reputation with the supply of quality materials with time. He will be more dependable as per the quality of materials provided than any other unknown manufacturer. The famed ones generally provide good after sales services also.
  3. Do not compromise on budget: There are many types of wheel spacers that are available in the market. Their price ranges also vary from the cheaper to the expensive ones. If you compromise on the budget too much, you may land up purchasing a lower grade of material. Better prices give better quality of materials.
  4. Do some research: During making your choice of the manufacturer, do some research beforehand. Take the opinion of car mechanics or the local garage. You can also do an internet research for finding out the desired details. Research will give you an insight of the details of the car wheel spacers.
  5. Change the bolt pattern: Your car may come with a 4 bolt pattern. With the fitting of spacers, you can change the bolt pattern of your car into 6 type bolt pattern. The spacers fit on to the hub firmly with increased bolts. The safety aspects of the cars get enhanced with the increase in the bolt pattern of the car.
  6. Make your car look trendy: When you purchase from companies like Customadeonly, you can get excellent Ford Wheel Spacersthat can enhance the looks of your car. The wheels are pushed out giving an aggressive look to your car. Many people love fitting the spacers to make their cars look smarter and eye catchy.
  7. Increase the life of your car parts: When you add spacers to your car, you can enhance the life of different parts of the car. The suspension system gets better with lesser jerks. The car weight gets distributed more evenly leading to a better road grip. The wheel does not rub against the fenders or the brake calipers.

Getting the right spacers is most important. After purchasing your vehicle, go to the right manufacturer for fitting the most suited spacer for your vehicle. The correct spacer installation will not only increase the life of certain body parts but will also add to the safety elements of the car.

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