Best Wheel Spacers: Everything In A Nutshell

Whether you have a BMW or a Ford, spacer is something which can accentuate the look of your car to a completely new level. However, it’s not that easy to choose the best one, as there are lots of options available online. From matching with the model to the perfect fit, everything matters a lot while choosing the best spacer for your cars. And for that, you have to know everything about the spacer in a nutshell. The more information you can get the better, and that will help you to invest money for the right product eventually. So, make sure to get started right away.


Reasons to go for the spacers:

Now, this seems to be an interesting question, popping up right in your mind. What are the reasons to go for best wheel spacers? Why do you think more and more people are inclining towards this norm? For the right reasons, make sure to go for the reliable points mentioned below:

  • Proper corrective measures: There are many times when you land up buying a set of wheels, which are not quite perfect for your car. These offsets are too high and can result in wheels, which are sitting in an inward position. This can be ugly and incorrect as tires can easily rub inside wall of the wheels or on multiple suspension components. Therefore, chosen best wheel spacers from CUSTOMADEONLY can help in pushing the wheel out and help in correcting the offset, as well.
  • Look matters a lot: You have already invested a lot of money for the vehicle, right? So, you might always want to get hold of the best ways to add that aggressive and robust look to it and make the product look a bit different from the rest. This is also going to be entirely subjective to the personal taste around here, and you can always add this engineered device to shape up their new look.
  • More on the clearance: Just like the appearance and corrective services, such wheel spaces are used for clearance value, as well. The majority of the wheels are not always compatible with the big brake kits now. The wheels spoke is enough to scratch the caliper of the new brake. Therefore, you are indeed in need of this mechanism, which can move the wheel spoke away from the caliper.
  • Handling in the best manner: If you can space the wheels apart in proper distance, then you can always make the car a bit more stable and help it to corner better. This is also like gaining the same effect like adding wider wheel without adding any extra weight or expense.

Go for the right one:

Always be sure to catch up with the best spacer, even if that cost you a bit of extra money. At least, you do not have to worry about the working functionality of the spacer much often. The packages are designed for your needs and will address some of the most incredible options available among the lot. An online store, like this one, has the best-engineered products for your car.


7 Latest Tips You Can Learn When Attending Hubcentric Wheel Spacers

If you have a dream vehicle at home, you will surely know the components, accessories, and parts that help it deliver amazing performances. Since the wheel is the most important part of a car, truck, or other 4-wheelers, drivers are mostly concerned about its operation. It is right here that wheel spacers play a highly significant role. They impart strength and power to the wheels thus ensuring smooth driving experience even in the roughest terrains.

There’s no denying the fact that installing wheel spacers is a professional’s task. You need to gather profound information on the features, specifications, and a multitude of other aspects. Most importantly, it is the type of the wheel spacer you need to know. The following blog post presents an introduction to hubcentric wheel spacers and ways to install it.

What is the hubcentric variety?

When it comes down to installing your spacers, it is essential to know its functionality and performance. The hubcentric variety determines the stance of a car by expanding the track of your vehicle.

You can plan the installation process and attend to the accessory. However, executing the complete project without professional help would be a hard nut to crack. Consider this blog as a guide and embark on the project.

What to do?

So, you are ready to attend to your hub-centric spacers and improve your vehicle’s stance. Assess the crucial factors, perform the necessary steps, and you will surely get the results.

  1. Spacer fittings

The fittings play an important role. With the right fit, you can put the desired stress on the wheels. Wheel expansions are necessary only if you get the right fit. Or else, too much of width can affect the performance of your car in a negative way.

  1. Wheel clearance

While fitting spacers, you might come across wheel clearance issues. Some of the common problems include friction between wheels and caliper or shock and wheels. With this particular spacer variety, installers won’t have to face clearance issues.

  1. The design

Spacer designs play a highly crucial role in their functioning. While planning the installation, make sure you check out the available designs in the market. Since the designs are meant to improve their performance, buyers must do some research on them.

  1. Eliminates vibrations

Do you know hub spacers have the power to reduce potential vibrations and ensure smooth driving experience? Well, it’s true, and you can witness it after installing them.

  1. Uniform load distribution

If you opt for the hub variety, loads will get distributed equally between wheel studs and hub centers. That’s only possible when you buy high-efficiency hubcentric wheel spacers from top dealers like Customadeonly.

  1. Simple installations

Quite unlike the other varieties, this particular spacer allows simple installation. With the right strategies and tips, you can perform the steps easily.

  1. Tougher look and unique performance

The hub variety is famous for imparting exceptional strength to car wheels. Get them from popular dealers and help your car deliver amazing performances.

These are some of the tips you can learn while installing spacers in your mean machine.


7 Disadvantages of Ford Wheel Spacers and How to Solve Them

There are common beliefs that there are many troubles faced during the use of the wheel spacers. There are many benefits also. If you use the right fit of the wheel spacers, you will get manifold benefits. There are certain issues that may be faced with your Ford Wheel Spacers and taking certain steps, you may be able to avoid them. Have a look at these different problems and their probable solutions.

Black Wheel Spacers - 5X100 56.1CB - 20mm

  1. Improper fittings: If the fittings of your wheel spacers have not been done properly, it may pose a big problem for your car. The spacers are part of your wheel assembly and this assembly bears the entire weight of the vehicle. If the fittings are loose or improper, the unsafe conditions of the vehicle will rise. The chances of the accidents will go up. It should not remain loose. It may come of any time leading to serious injury of the passengers in the vehicle.
  2. Not customized: If the wheel spaces are not customized, they may not be able to deliver the results that you had been expecting of them. Go to the reputed manufacturers who can take up your specialized requirements and customize the products for you. You can have the looks that you had always longed for. The riding feel of the car will get enhanced as per your need including the increase of the ground clearance. The readymade products can never match the performance of the customized ones.
  3. Not getting the desired levels of control while driving: If you want to get the enhanced control of the car, you have to select the right wheel spacers. Always go by the specifications of the spacers to find out whether the spacers are compatible for the model of your car.
  4. Not getting the desired looks: You should get the looks that you have been longing for with the use of the wheel spacers. A wrong fitting of the wheel spacer may have caused the problem. Go to the dealer find the best compatible and good looking spacers.
  5. Spacers are very cheap: If you have settled for spacers which are too cheap may have helped you in the saving of considerable money. This may lead to the chances of getting products which are of inferior quality. These products may be unsafe and dangerous to use.
  6. Bolt pattern is not adequate: If the bolt patterns of your car are not enough for the firm and secure fitting, you should go for the spacers which has larger bolts. This will make your car safer. The chances of the wheel assembly suddenly getting loose will be removed.
  7. Using cheap spacers: Go to reliable dealers such as Customadeonly for buying your Ford Wheel Spacers for best results. Prices of their products may be slightly higher but you can rely on them for the quality. You should not buy products which are too cheap.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to overcome the problems faced in using wheel spacers.

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Explanation of Background of Custom Wheel Spacers

When you go for buying wheel spacers for your car, you may be faced with a lot many issues. These issues can be best solved with the installation of custom wheel spacers which are made according to your specific need. Since they meet all your requirements, you will rarely find points for dissatisfaction. You will enjoy immense benefits after installation of these accessories. Once you get habituated with cars having wheel spacers installed that have been customized, you will not settle for anything else even if you purchase a new car.

Billet 3/16 (5mm) Wheel Spacer

Choosing the right spacer: If you go out into the market for wheel spacers, you will find that you have different lots available. The number of manufacturers are also multiple. With an abundance of products in the market, this may create a confusion for you. It is a tough job to decide for the correct spacer for your vehicle. If by mistake, you happen to install a wrong spacer, it may cause damage to your car and make your car unsafe for traveling.

Not getting the desired comforts in riding: You should be able to feel a more comfortable ride after the installation of wheel spacers. If you see that that the feel has not become smoother, you may have selected a wrong spacer. The grip of the vehicle on the road must increase. The jerks on the undulated roads should diminish with the use of the appropriate spacers. Many people install spacers and find no significant improvement in the experience. They should go for the custom varieties.

Not getting a better feel of driving: If you drive the car yourself, you should be able to experience thechange. The process of maneuvering the vehicle must become easier. The parking of the cars within a short space should not pose any difficulty. As the ground clearance should increase, the car chassis must not touch the road surface on undulated roads. You will find that controlling the car has become easier than before.

Wheel Spacers - 4X100 54.1CB - 50mm (2.0

Not getting the desired looks: The wheel spacers should be able to help you getting the desired changes in the look of the vehicle. If you are not satisfied, you should approach a reliable and reputed spacer manufacturing company such as Customadeonly for getting custom wheel spacers and enhance the appeal of your car as per your fancy.They can get you the most suited and customized spacers that can meet your demands. You can stun people with the changed countenance of your vehicle.

Large costs in maintenance: When you see that you are spending larger amounts in certain areas of vehicle maintenance such as tire and brake pad replacements, you should think for the custom variety of spacers.The right spacers will push out the wheels in such a manner that the friction of the tires with the fenders will be stopped. Brakes can function freely. This will lead to lower cost of maintenance.

The above points signify the basic background of the customized variety of wheel spacers and their necessity for installation.

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Effective Methods to Avoid Nissan Wheel Spacer’s Problem

It is often seen that buyers face certain problems after buying and fitting wheel spacers with their cars. Here are a few effective guidelines that can help you to overcome the problems by taking action in advance.

Purchase from a reputed dealer

When you have planned for the purchase of Nissan wheel spacers, select a dealer or a manufacturer that has a certain degree of reputation in the market. The acceptability of a dealer comes through the quality of the products that it supplies and the levels of service that it renders to its customers. A company that has been around for quite some time has built up its brand with high-quality, relevant products. They will also exchange the product in case it is not matching with the model requirements.

Billet 3/16 (5mm) Wheel Spacer

Customized products are always welcome

There are different types of wheel spacers that are being sold in the market. There are different cars of varied brands, and each brand has different models that are manufactured depending on the variation in comfort, features, and price. All types of spacers will not be compatible with your car model and manufacturing company. Selecting the right product is essential to get the required outcome from the wheel spacers. Dealers such as Customadeonly can furnish you with the required Nissan wheel spacers that will be appropriate for your vehicle.

Attach your spacers by an expert

There are different roadside garages that will readily do the fittings for you. Before availing their service, do check on their proficiency levels. It would be advisable to do the job only through experienced mechanics who will do the fittings in an error-free way. A wrong fitting may make your wheel loose and prone to accidents. You can ask the dealer who sells you these spacers for a fitting. They will be more reliable than the common garage mechanics. The dealers generally have mechanics attached to them who will do the fitting at a nominal rate.

Wheel Spacers - 4X100 54.1CB - 15mm

Never settle for low-cost products

There are a large variety of wheel spacers that are sold in the market. Some of them are quite low-priced and pocket-friendly. You cannot rely on these cheap products as they are generally of an inferior quality. They may give away to stress and weight and break down easily. Getting branded and relatively high-priced items are more dependable than the cheaper varieties. As the whole weight of the car will be borne by the wheel assembly, you cannot afford to go for a lower quality wheel spacer. This will lead to endangering the lives of the persons riding the car.

Alter the bolt pattern of your car

If the bolts of the hub of your car are lesser in number, you can go for the increase in the bolt-pattern. You can attach spacers of higher bolt numbers. The spacers have larger bolts and are fitted onto the hub. The wheels are fitted onto the spacers. This makes the entire assembly stronger and more secure.

Following the above-mentioned guideline, problems of spacer related issues can be avoided by taking prior action.

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Reasons of the Popularity of Bmw Wheel Spacers All Over

Attaching wheel spacers have become a trend among the car owners. Let us look at the reasons for this recent trend that is becoming viral.

Gives robust looks to your car

When you fit the bmw wheel spacers to your vehicle, you can totally transform the appearance of your car. As the spacers get fitted, the tires get pushed out from the fenders. This also allows broader tires to be fitted. The car gets a monstrous look an as if it can take upon any vehicle on the road. The macho look that is given to the car is liked by many people, especially of the younger generation. There are different spacers that render varied effects to the appearance of the car.

Billet 3/16 (5mm) Wheel Spacer

Changes the bolt pattern of the car

With the fitting of the wheel spacers, the bolt pattern of the vehicle can be changed. Your car may come with a 4 bolt pattern as per original specification. You can change it to a 6 bolt pattern with the addition of the wheel spacers. The spacers get fitted onto the hub. The spacers have the desired number of bolts and accordingly, the wheel is fitted onto the spacers. This makes the fitting more firm and secure which also makes the car safer to ride.

Enhances the road grip of the vehicle

As you approach the best dealers such as Customadeonly, you can get the best bmw wheel spacers that can make the ride of the car safer than before. The broader tire usage makes the weight of the vehicle to be spread out more evenly. The road grip of the tires increase and the chances of overturning are minimized greatly. The car can run more safely at higher speeds. The driver also finds it easier to control the vehicle during driving.

Wheel Spacers - 4X100 54.1CB - 32mm

Enhanced safety features

Riding the car becomes safer than before with the fitting of the wheel spacers. As the equilibrium of the car gets more evenly shifted, with the center of gravity in a more safe location, chances of toppling over go down. The steering of the vehicle becomes easier while taking sharp corner turns. The ends of the tires also do not rub against the body. There has been a rising awareness among the people to have safer cars that are less prone towards accidents. Before purchasing a car nowadays, people ask for the safety features that come in-built with a new car. The attaching of the car wheel spacers is a way in which the safety aspects of a car can be enhanced.

Better comfort of riding the vehicle

The suspension system of the vehicle has better effects when the wheel spacers get attached. There are lesser jerks when the car passes though rough roads. People always want to get comfortable rides on their cars. So, getting wheel spacers fixed onto the cars have become a trend nowadays.

These are the main reasons for the recent popularity of the wheel spacers. Get the exact one for getting the best effects.

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Reasons of the Recent Growing Popularity of Spacers for Rims

The wheel spacers are gaining more popularity and it is seen that they are much in demand over the last decade. The following are the major reasons for their widespread popularity.

Gives greater riding comfort

People are always on the lookout for increasing the comfort levels of their cars. Considering this factor, we can clearly understand the utility of spacers for rims for your vehicles. As the suspension effect is enhanced with the use of spacers the overall ride is rendered more comfortable than before. There will be lesser jerking leading to the better feel of the journey. These are a must addition if you want a better car ride.

Wheel Spacers - 4X100 54.1CB - 25mm (1.0

Reduces maintenance cost of the vehicle

As the major jerks and bumps are minimized greatly, it is imperative to go for these spacers. This results in the prolonging of the lives of the body parts. Lesser costs go into the maintenance factor of replacing body parts. With the expenses of all things going up, we need to cut down on the cost impact of everything to keep our lives balanced. Since our income does not increase rapidly, we need to keep a check on the expenses part. This is possible with the introduction of the spacers.

Giving classy and robust looks

People have become very conscious about the looks of their cars. Everyone wants their cars to look classy and different from the rest of the crowd. This is possible if you add spacers to the wheels of your cars. When you fit the spacers to your vehicle. The tires get pushed outwards. This lends an aggressive look to the vehicle. The effect is even greater if tires having wider bases are fitted onto the vehicle. With the larger contact area, the weight of the vehicle gets distribute even more uniformly.

Wheel Spacers - 4X100 54.1CB - 3mm

Customized spacers are available

When you go to the renowned dealers like Customadeonly, you can be sure of getting spacers for rims customized for your vehicle. These will fit in properly with the model of your vehicle without the complication of improper fittings.  The different spacers are specific of the car manufacturers and the different individual models. Always quote your car make and model to get the best-fitted spacers. These add to the beauty of the vehicle too and increase the safety factor of the car. There has been a surge in the demand of the customized spacers all over.

Rising awareness among the vehicle owners

In the present days, the awareness among the vehicle owners about the car spacers has been on the rise. People have come to know the utility of these accessories and are trying to fit them along with their wheels. With the growth in the demand for these products, lots of new dealers that have come up that are dealing with different types of cart spacers. Selection of the right agency is essential to be doubly sure about the quality of the products. If you have not yet purchased them, it is high time that you should go for it.

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