Use Dodge Wheel Spacers And Drive Safely

On the wheel hub, a wheel spacer is inserted. The wheel hub is the space in between the actual hub and the wheel. The disk either slides on or is bolted to the wheel hub. The insertion of the wheel spacer changes the offset of your wheels. The wheel will sit further out from the car. Wheel spacers are used for upgrading the wheel to a bigger wheel. They are also used to gain more grip. The spacers can be utilized on race cars. Since the spacers move the wheels out, a wider base is created which helps in getting a better grip. The wheel spacer gives an aggressive look to the vehicle.


Different types of spacers

There are two types of spacers- slip on spacers or bolt on spacers and extended stud. The bolt on spacers is very easy to install. The installation process includes removal of wheels, sliding on spacers, bolting down and putting the wheel back. The wheel spacer at Customadeonly is a hub centric5 lug spacer suitable for Dodge trucks. The wheel spacer set includes four-wheel spacers and hardware for mounting the spacer on the truck.


Materials used for spacers

There are two kinds of materials for spacers, namely aluminium, and steel. The steel spacers are sturdy. Aluminium spacers are comparatively light. Installation of Dodge wheel spacers by can occur in the following manner: in the first method, longer bolts are utilized. In the second method, screws are used. In the third method, spacers are placed on the hub of the wheel.


Guidelines to be followed

Certain guidelines have to be applied before installation of Dodge wheel spacers. Pick up the Dodge service manual. Follow the manual instructions for removal of the tires and the clips of the rotor retainer. Do not use the impact gun. Do not spin the rotor retainer or the drums; make sure to apply brakes if needed. For installation of aluminium or steel spacers lug nuts will assist you. Drive in your locality to examine that lug nets are installed correctly or not. If they are not installed properly, then you need to go through the whole process again.


Read the owner’s manual before taking the plunge

There are many well-known producers of wheel spacers. For purchase of wheel spacers, you have to get the exact fit. You will be able to know in details your car’s requirement of the specific wheel spacers from the owner’s manual. You should be able to note down in details like the type of engine, the year of purchase of the vehicle.

The effect of wheel spacers on the vehicle

The wheel is bearing face the additional strain. This results in exposing other parts of the car to strong pressure. They have to be replaced at frequent intervals. The tires end up getting torn.  Even if you go and lower the vehicle, the tires will be affected. Adding spacers will make the steering a bit heavy. They are very safe to use.


Various Types of Dodge Wheel Spacers for best use

Dodge Wheel Spacers are the one among the accessories of the vehicle. This gives better performance when it fixed to the car. It is not gets over once you purchase the car. Only choosing the right appropriate accessories will make its functioning, more effective. These Wheel Spacers provide an enhanced beauty to the vehicle as well as an improved performance by making the driving experience an enjoyable one.

Makes the car more appealing

When the accessory is fit in your car, believe it gives such a great look for your beloved vehicle. From toddler till an old woman will turn back and have look of your vehicle. It provides a stunning appearance. The shining aluminum spacers when it is fixed it really do call the attention of the others without fail.

Safe driving with much ease

The spacer is also used to fix larger tires. And this creates an extra space between the wheel and the wheel hub. This results in the reduction of traction while driving the car. When the wheel is attached from the hub assembly, it gives a better grip or traction. As the wheel is away from the hub assembly, these wheel spacers improve the traction of the vehicle. Besides, when the wheel spacers are used to extend the wheels outward from the vehicle the car becomes the center of attraction.

You come across different sizes of speed breakers, curves and bends and bad road conditions. If the spacer is fixed the jerks can be reduced and it makes your travel cool and comfort. Small children as well as even old people will love to travel with you. Or else you have to get scolding when the road condition is bad.

Protection of the vehicle

The stability of the car is assured when it is fixed. There are various types of Dodge Wheel Spacers manufactured by Customadeonly which provides ultimate safety to the vehicle you drive. According to the type of the vehicle they are involved in accurate manufacturing of the products. They meet the entire customer requirement and come out with a quality spacer. They have established themselves in the industry and known well among their customers. When the car is running on the road with stability lesser chances for accidents and it ensures the safety of the vehicle as well the persons who drive it. Every one travels at high speed, need not have to fear about the safety.

Minimum maintenance cost

 Once this accessory is fixed maintaining the vehicle becomes an easy task. The car now has more space allowing you to travel fast with much ease, it now has more equilibrium and provides better protection and overall performance of the car is increased and this results in the reduction of the maintenance or servicing the car often. This in long term will give a good saving. Besides the wear and tire of the tire is very less. For those who go often for a long journey you would have changed the tire often. This dodge spacer makes it less frequent.

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Using Dodge Wheel Spacers Will Be the Most Tantalizing Experience

The wheel spacers are important pieces of accessories that if properly fitted with the right product can enhance the performance of your car. Here are the interesting facts about the Dodge Wheel Spacers that can change your concept about cars. Try to implement them to experience the benefits. These are some points that will always be striking and bewildering.

Complete makeover of the looks: Before the fitting of the wheel spacers, your car was having a common look. After the installation of these accessories, people start noticing your car. It gets attention from all people. The look of the car becomes robust and aggressive. You could have never imagined that your car could turn so attractive with the fixation of these parts. People just will turn around and look at your car when it passes by. This is a truly satisfying experience.

Black Wheel Spacers - 5X100 54.1CB - 15mm

Amazingly increased comfort levels: The car may have been facing jerks before the fitting of the wheel spacers. You will see that on fitting these accessories, the overall comfort level of riding the car has improved significantly. The suspension system works better and the jerking effect when the wheels fall into potholes is greatly minimized. The car tires spread out and the grip of the tires on the road increase which contributes further to the rider comfort. You will never want to go back to a condition without the wheel spacers.

Great driving experience: There are several problems faced during driving too. When you install the wheel spacers, you will find that you have increased comfort during the driving of the vehicle. The control on the car becomes better. You will see that you can take sharper turns. You will have the ease of driving in narrower roads as the maneuvering of the car becomes simpler.

Billet 3/16 (5mm) Wheel Spacer

Enhanced safety features: The stability of the car increases with the fitting of wider tires during the spacers’ installation. This leads to lesser chances of accidents. The centre of gravity of the cars shifts making the car more stable during running at high speeds. As the equilibrium of the car becomes better, it would not topple over while traveling at high speeds. The functioning of the brakes also improved due to more spacing for the brakes to function properly.

Maintenance cost reduced: Dependable companies such as Customadeonly give you the best quality of the Dodge Wheel Spacers that will cause an overall reduction in your vehicle maintenance cost. As the tires are pushed out, they do not rub with the fenders of the car body. This leads to lesser friction and reduced wear and tear of the tires. The overall maintenance comes down. As there are fewer jerks felt, the suspension also functions better. This too, contributes to lower cost of your car maintenance.

Once you start using the wheel spacers, it will simply keep you perplexed. If you get the right fits, you will just love them. Go for the fixing of these amazing accessories and get surprised at the numerous benefits you derive out of them.

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5 Advices before Purchasing Your Dodge Wheel Spacers

Buying wheel spacers for vehicles have become very common activities nowadays. Here are 5 point advices that can help you on getting the Dodge Wheel Spacers for your favorite car.

Wheel Spacers

  1. Get customized products for best results

There are a plethora of car wheel spacers to satisfy your needs. But you should not make your choice blindly. All types of spacers will not meet your requirements fully. You should go for the customized wheel spacers that are appropriate for your vehicle make. Each automobile manufacturing company also has different models. The spacer shapes and designs are different from one model to another even if they are from the same car manufacturing company. The designs of the spacers are unique for every model of cars.

  1. Fittings must be done by an experienced mechanic

The fittings should be done only by a person who has seasoned experiences of doing this job. Do not allow a novice to do the job as he may not know the actual methods of doing it efficiently. The fittings should be done in an error-free manner so that no hitches develop after fitting them. If the spacers are original products made by the concerned automobile company, they can be fitted without any trouble. No problems issues will arise from the fitting by professional mechanics who have been doing this job for years.

  1. Purchase from a reliable dealer

Reliable dealers such as Customadeonly can supply the authentic Dodge Wheel Spacers for your vehicle. You can be assured that you will be getting the top class quality of materials. They will function for a long period without any trouble of any kind. You will also get the appropriate designs as per the car make and model from these dealers. In the case of any problems with the products, they will make the replacements if required at no additional cost.

  1. Know the utility of the spacers

As you go for the purchase of the wheel spacers, you should be aware of the benefits of the use of these spacers. They will give a far more comfortable ride than before. The safety aspects of your vehicle will rise once these accessories get attached to your car. It is not an object of fashion but is an added necessity that will help in making your car safe. The car gets a smarter appearance and will look different from the herd of the cars.

  1. Change the bolt pattern of your vehicle

On fitting the wheel spacers, the bolt pattern of your car can be changed. If your car has a 4 bolt pattern hub it can be changed to a 6 bolt pattern with the fixation of the wheel spacers. The spacers are fitted over the hub. The spacers have a particular bolt pattern, and when they are fitted onto the hub, the bolt pattern changes. This fitting now is rendered more safe and firm for the vehicle and assures a safer ride.

The above mentioned advice will help you secure the best wheel spacers for your vehicle.

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