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"CustoMadeOnly wheel spacers & wheel adapters are made with high grade aluminum alloy & carbon steel studs to ensure the safety of the drivers. Our spacers have been commonly used on the race tracks to help race car drivers to maximize their car's full potential. It is also build for daily driving use. Precision, Safety & Quality = This is what CustoMadeOnly stands for.CustoMadeOnly products are tailored to meet your requirements of motoring, whether it’s daily driving, blasting through the mountains, circuit racing, or hard parked the show circuit. "

Hubcentric Wheel Spacers: Everything You Need To Know

In case, you have been associated with aftermarket wheel shopping, then you might have heard about the term “hub-centric” among some experts. It is mostly associated with the selling point. Now, there are mainly two forms of centric modes to be discussed; one is the hub and another one is lug centric. The detailed explanation might turn out to be quite difficult to understand, but the actual concept is too pretty. People generally have a misconception that hub or lug centric are specified forms of wheels, but the truth is different. These terms are used for referring to ways in which the wheels are likely to fit onto the car.


Learn a bit more about it:

If this is your first attempt to buy hubcentric wheel spacers, then it is high time for you to know a bit more about the spacers first, before coming to a decision. The more you learn about it, the better. And for that, log online for the most incredible explanation on this kind of wheel spacer.

  • For OEM wheels:

Most of the OEM wheels are designed to work on this hub centric tactics. It is known for its automatic designs, relating to OEM wheels for fitting on the certain range of vehicles. It is mandatory for you to check out for the best hubcentric wheel spacers, which are designed and procured straight from CUSTOMADEONLY for your effective help.

  • Center bore portion:

The wheel’s center bore portion is sized to fit in perfectly and well connected to the current axle of the chosen car. This is mostly defined as the hub centric connection as the wheel is centered by the connection to the current axle hub. The lug nuts are associated with it for holding the wheels in a firm manner to the mounting plate. However, it is mainly the wheel to axle connection, which can hold the weight of the car.

  • The prominent distinction of the lot:

The hub centric portion is quite a promising distinction of the spacers. Here, the lug nuts are well designed for handling all sorts of lateral forces, which can push the wheels away from the said mounting plate.

  • Withstand more pressure:

There is a force created in between the center bore connection and the hub well. These are designed for withstanding the impacts forcing upward and also the car’s weight forcing downward. These are associated with proper angles to forces, which are lug nuts are solely designed for.

The correct spacer is required:

Most of the promising wheel retailers make it a point to deliver correct spacers as a significant part of the fitment package. The i8n case you are planning to shop for a set of four, then you might want to try the online stores. In generic terms, the tire retailers will carry spacers or might know who can help you to make the right choice. So, without wasting time, try procuring help from the reputed experts and get yourself the best hub-centric spacer for addressing a new look to your car. The package will vary and the services are designed to act in your favor.


Best Wheel Spacers: Everything In A Nutshell

Whether you have a BMW or a Ford, spacer is something which can accentuate the look of your car to a completely new level. However, it’s not that easy to choose the best one, as there are lots of options available online. From matching with the model to the perfect fit, everything matters a lot while choosing the best spacer for your cars. And for that, you have to know everything about the spacer in a nutshell. The more information you can get the better, and that will help you to invest money for the right product eventually. So, make sure to get started right away.


Reasons to go for the spacers:

Now, this seems to be an interesting question, popping up right in your mind. What are the reasons to go for best wheel spacers? Why do you think more and more people are inclining towards this norm? For the right reasons, make sure to go for the reliable points mentioned below:

  • Proper corrective measures: There are many times when you land up buying a set of wheels, which are not quite perfect for your car. These offsets are too high and can result in wheels, which are sitting in an inward position. This can be ugly and incorrect as tires can easily rub inside wall of the wheels or on multiple suspension components. Therefore, chosen best wheel spacers from CUSTOMADEONLY can help in pushing the wheel out and help in correcting the offset, as well.
  • Look matters a lot: You have already invested a lot of money for the vehicle, right? So, you might always want to get hold of the best ways to add that aggressive and robust look to it and make the product look a bit different from the rest. This is also going to be entirely subjective to the personal taste around here, and you can always add this engineered device to shape up their new look.
  • More on the clearance: Just like the appearance and corrective services, such wheel spaces are used for clearance value, as well. The majority of the wheels are not always compatible with the big brake kits now. The wheels spoke is enough to scratch the caliper of the new brake. Therefore, you are indeed in need of this mechanism, which can move the wheel spoke away from the caliper.
  • Handling in the best manner: If you can space the wheels apart in proper distance, then you can always make the car a bit more stable and help it to corner better. This is also like gaining the same effect like adding wider wheel without adding any extra weight or expense.

Go for the right one:

Always be sure to catch up with the best spacer, even if that cost you a bit of extra money. At least, you do not have to worry about the working functionality of the spacer much often. The packages are designed for your needs and will address some of the most incredible options available among the lot. An online store, like this one, has the best-engineered products for your car.

Car Wheel Spacers: Hints To Install In A Perfect Manner

Before you even think about investing money in any pair of wheel spacers, there are certain points, which you have to consider in mind. Searching the internet will lead you to come across so many mechanical devices, right now. But, some simple hints might help you to choose the right product, matching the make and model of your car. From the brand name to the year of manufacturing, everything matters a lot before you happen to invest money for the best spacers of all time. Some simple points might work wonder for your choice.

Car Wheel Spacers

Hints for the perfect installation:

There are not only but multiple hints to consider first before installing the perfect car wheel spacers for your use. However, if you want to know more about the right ones to be listed out now then make sure to get along with the points, as mentioned below for your help.

  • Bolt pattern: Always remember that bolt pattern matters a lot whenever you are dealing with the tires. The manufacturers are known for using multiple types of bolt patterns and numbers, whenever they are designing their current tires. So, make sure to check on the pattern of the bolt from the manufacturing unit first and compare that to the needs of your vehicle.
  • Distance: Just like the bolt pattern, remember to check out on the distance between the fenders and wheels. This point is rather going to change whenever you are trying to install a current wheel spacer. Remember that the wheel must have enough room for rolling freely. Or else, if you ever run over any rough land, then your tire might easily hit the fender or wheel. And that will cause the tire to burst out in worst scenarios.
  • Change the chassis: Another noteworthy point for you to keep in mind has to be associated with the changing of chassis. That will make sure that your chosen tires will have enough room. Simple steps might help you to measure that enough space between wheel spacers. For the first step, try measuring the distance between fender’s edge and that of tires. After that, take five millimeters from distance and you can get the desired length.

Points to measure distance correctly:

You might come across multiple forms of car wheel spacers from Customadeonly and within the affordable rates. But, can you choose anyone of the lot? Well, you can only when you are aware of the distance first. For that, simple steps might work wonder for you. For measuring the distance well, follow these points:

  • Drop the perpendicular line from the outer edge of the chosen fender.
  • After that, start measuring distance between the perpendicular line and side of the tire.
  • After that, start comparing this to the indicated value of the man
  • And to be on the safe side, you can remove another set of 5 millimeters from the chosen results.

These simple yet effective hints might help you to install the perfect spacers for your chosen car. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the products are going to vary. So, be sure of that, as well!

Build Your Perspective While Purchasing The Ford Wheel Spacers

You are the proud owner of a glamorous and sizzling Ford vehicle. But somehow, you are not satisfied with its current performance. It doesn’t mean that you will invest in another vehicle. That’s because you have the opportunity for refurbishing the existing vehicle. Just install the Ford Wheel Spacers, and see the world of difference. First, the look wise appeal will change significantly. The spacer will push the wheels out in such a way that the car will take on a protruding aggressive look.


Safeguards the wheels:

Secondly, the wheels of your favored vehicle will stay safe and secured. Wear and tear is one of the most common issues. If the wheel, for that matter, the tire undergoes fast wear and tear, then, the prospect is likely to influence the power and performance of your vehicle. You will fail to drive it at high-speed amid difficult road conditions. But now that you have installed spacers, you can fulfill your passion for racing and long-distant drives.

Gives a perfect fit:

The spacers improve the fitting of wheels. If wheels are not properly fitted, then the car becomes vulnerable to accidents. Such wheels affect the engine performance, as well because poorly fitted wheels exert unnecessary pressure on the engine. But you can take care of these odds and issues with the help of wheel spacers. You can control the vehicle more effectively, than before. Even if you are driving across roads filled with bumps and potholes, you don’t feel the jerky effect.


Some more advantages:

In this way, the spacers stabilize the power and performance of your car. You can increase the offset of your wheel, with the device and thus ensure, enhanced road grip, control, and manipulation. The overall functionality of your prized vehicle increases. Moreover, it increases the safety quotient. If you have better control over the brake, you can guide the vehicle in such a way that it steers clear of collision and the other untoward incidents.

Get high-quality products:

It is good that you are aware of the beneficial aspects of the Ford wheel spacers which are provided by the customadeonly, at affordable prices. The price is reasonable, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. The facility is particular about selling quality-tested products made of high-grade billet aluminum. It not only facilitates the sale and purchase of wheel spacers but also addresses the installation-related issues. Most importantly, you can place an order for custom-designing. The facility takes note of your model number, the thickness of the wheel and the kind of nut pattern it has. After this, it lines up a plan for custom-making so that you get the most suitable product that fits the requirement of your Ford vehicle.

Importance of maintenance:

As a user, you should also know how to maintain the spacers. The latter is susceptible to wears and tears. But if you get them serviced, at regular intervals, the spacers will remain in the top working condition. With regular maintenance and care, you can also prevent cracks from occurring. So, while placing the order for custom designing, you should also finalize the servicing contract. In that way, you can take good care of the installed spacers.

Resources: https://customadewheelspacer.tumblr.com/post/159942448097/build-your-perspective-while-purchasing-the-ford

5 Benefits of Spacers for Rims That May Change Your Outlook

5 Benefits of Spacers for Rims That May Change Your Outlook.png

Every car owner wants the best for its vehicle. Whether it’s a luxury model or a simple car, you will always wish to ensure the best for it. While purchasing a car, you will have to consider quite a few essential aspects. Apart from the outer appearance and interiors, crucial factors such as functionality, performance and engine power also play a highly significant role.  See more: http://www.customadeonly.com

Know How To Install Installing Wheel Spacers For Trucks

Wheel spacers are suitable means of changing the physical attributes of a truck. You can use them to customize a car. You can modify the looks of a vehicle. Spacers are also used to change the wheelbase of the vehicle. With them, the wheelbase can be widened, but that will affect the appearance and functioning of the other parts of the car. Numerous kinds of materials are used for making these spacers.


Setting of wheel spacers for trucks

Installation of wheel spacers for trucks can occur in many ways. The first method involves the setting of the spacers on the hub of the wheel. The second method involves setting up the spacers on the axle with the assistance of special screws. The third way makes use of long bolts.


Different types of spacers

There are mainly two types of metal spacers. The aluminum spacers are on the lighter side, and they have anti-corrosive qualities. Comparatively, the spacers that are made of steel are stronger.

Examine the owner’s manual to find out details regarding spacing

If you decide to install wheel spacers for the truck, then you have to choose the exact fit for your vehicle that is available on customadeonly.com. What type of car spacers are appropriate for your car is the most important question that should crop into your mind. You can find out the answer from your owner’s manual. You can find everything to the minute details. You may need to see the cars with which the spacers have the same compatibility. You should also know the type of engine, type of vehicle, year of the vehicle, model of the vehicle and the brand of the car. All these kinds of information are essential before installing.


Some of the guidelines to be kept in mind while installing spacers:

According to the type of vehicle, study the owner’s manual. Remove the tires as specified in the service manual. You need to remove the retainer clips of the rotor. Another person should assist you in applying brakes. Make sure that rotor retainer does not start to spin. The utilization of impact gun is prohibited. Ensure that the lug nuts are tightly secured. You should see that the wheel studs do not extend over the new wheel. Take your vehicle outside for a drive to check that the lug nuts are properly fastened or not. If you find any disturbance, then they require being re-installed again.  For a wheel to wheel spacing, utilize lug nuts to reassemble.


Installation of spacers is safe

The installation of wheel spacers causes some extra strain on the wheel bearings. It causes some stress on the individual components of the vehicle. So you have to monitor them at frequent intervals and have them replaced when the requirement arises. Wheels installed with spacers will make the steering a bit heavy. However, wheels mounted with spacers are very safe. The load is shifted from the wheel to the hub by the friction caused by the joint. As the wheel stud is not affected, it does not bend.

Use Dodge Wheel Spacers And Drive Safely

On the wheel hub, a wheel spacer is inserted. The wheel hub is the space in between the actual hub and the wheel. The disk either slides on or is bolted to the wheel hub. The insertion of the wheel spacer changes the offset of your wheels. The wheel will sit further out from the car. Wheel spacers are used for upgrading the wheel to a bigger wheel. They are also used to gain more grip. The spacers can be utilized on race cars. Since the spacers move the wheels out, a wider base is created which helps in getting a better grip. The wheel spacer gives an aggressive look to the vehicle.


Different types of spacers

There are two types of spacers- slip on spacers or bolt on spacers and extended stud. The bolt on spacers is very easy to install. The installation process includes removal of wheels, sliding on spacers, bolting down and putting the wheel back. The wheel spacer at Customadeonly is a hub centric5 lug spacer suitable for Dodge trucks. The wheel spacer set includes four-wheel spacers and hardware for mounting the spacer on the truck.


Materials used for spacers

There are two kinds of materials for spacers, namely aluminium, and steel. The steel spacers are sturdy. Aluminium spacers are comparatively light. Installation of Dodge wheel spacers by customadeonly.com can occur in the following manner: in the first method, longer bolts are utilized. In the second method, screws are used. In the third method, spacers are placed on the hub of the wheel.


Guidelines to be followed

Certain guidelines have to be applied before installation of Dodge wheel spacers. Pick up the Dodge service manual. Follow the manual instructions for removal of the tires and the clips of the rotor retainer. Do not use the impact gun. Do not spin the rotor retainer or the drums; make sure to apply brakes if needed. For installation of aluminium or steel spacers lug nuts will assist you. Drive in your locality to examine that lug nets are installed correctly or not. If they are not installed properly, then you need to go through the whole process again.


Read the owner’s manual before taking the plunge

There are many well-known producers of wheel spacers. For purchase of wheel spacers, you have to get the exact fit. You will be able to know in details your car’s requirement of the specific wheel spacers from the owner’s manual. You should be able to note down in details like the type of engine, the year of purchase of the vehicle.

The effect of wheel spacers on the vehicle

The wheel is bearing face the additional strain. This results in exposing other parts of the car to strong pressure. They have to be replaced at frequent intervals. The tires end up getting torn.  Even if you go and lower the vehicle, the tires will be affected. Adding spacers will make the steering a bit heavy. They are very safe to use.