Use Dodge Wheel Spacers And Drive Safely

On the wheel hub, a wheel spacer is inserted. The wheel hub is the space in between the actual hub and the wheel. The disk either slides on or is bolted to the wheel hub. The insertion of the wheel spacer changes the offset of your wheels. The wheel will sit further out from the car. Wheel spacers are used for upgrading the wheel to a bigger wheel. They are also used to gain more grip. The spacers can be utilized on race cars. Since the spacers move the wheels out, a wider base is created which helps in getting a better grip. The wheel spacer gives an aggressive look to the vehicle.


Different types of spacers

There are two types of spacers- slip on spacers or bolt on spacers and extended stud. The bolt on spacers is very easy to install. The installation process includes removal of wheels, sliding on spacers, bolting down and putting the wheel back. The wheel spacer at Customadeonly is a hub centric5 lug spacer suitable for Dodge trucks. The wheel spacer set includes four-wheel spacers and hardware for mounting the spacer on the truck.


Materials used for spacers

There are two kinds of materials for spacers, namely aluminium, and steel. The steel spacers are sturdy. Aluminium spacers are comparatively light. Installation of Dodge wheel spacers by can occur in the following manner: in the first method, longer bolts are utilized. In the second method, screws are used. In the third method, spacers are placed on the hub of the wheel.


Guidelines to be followed

Certain guidelines have to be applied before installation of Dodge wheel spacers. Pick up the Dodge service manual. Follow the manual instructions for removal of the tires and the clips of the rotor retainer. Do not use the impact gun. Do not spin the rotor retainer or the drums; make sure to apply brakes if needed. For installation of aluminium or steel spacers lug nuts will assist you. Drive in your locality to examine that lug nets are installed correctly or not. If they are not installed properly, then you need to go through the whole process again.


Read the owner’s manual before taking the plunge

There are many well-known producers of wheel spacers. For purchase of wheel spacers, you have to get the exact fit. You will be able to know in details your car’s requirement of the specific wheel spacers from the owner’s manual. You should be able to note down in details like the type of engine, the year of purchase of the vehicle.

The effect of wheel spacers on the vehicle

The wheel is bearing face the additional strain. This results in exposing other parts of the car to strong pressure. They have to be replaced at frequent intervals. The tires end up getting torn.  Even if you go and lower the vehicle, the tires will be affected. Adding spacers will make the steering a bit heavy. They are very safe to use.


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