Get wheel spacers for protecting the wheels of your truck

Anyone interested in the world of engine and vehicle tuning can answer the question of what is used for wheel spacers, since they are common elements in professional cars, but also in those modified for common use.

The basic function of truck wheel spacers is to increase the width of the shaft. This is an element commonly used in racing cars, but it has come to the particular cars by the hand of tuning. However, they are elements beyond their aesthetic value, affect the security and stability of the vehicle, so it is essential to know what they are separators wheels , assess their advantages and disadvantages and care for your installation, if you have decided to Wheel spacers in your car. Customadeonly is one such provider of truck Wheel Spacers.

These are aluminum wheels that are inserted or bolted to the wheel hub. The main effect of the spacers is that they reduce the screwing depth of the rim, so that the wheelbase increases and the position of the rim is moved a little further towards the outside of the wheel casing, closer to the mudguard.

Visually, although the separator is not visible from the outside of the vehicle, the displacement of the rim is perceived. In general, they give the car a sportier look and closer to the aesthetics of racing cars.

From the mechanical point of view, the greater width on the axle that is achieved with the wheel spacers, supposes a greater grip in situations of demanding driving.

Separators in racing cars

In competition cars, wheel spacers are a common element to improve the adhesion of tires to the ground. However, in a non-professional use it is necessary to evaluate very carefully the virtues of this element and its suitability to your vehicle and the type of use and driving you carry out. In addition, not all wheel spacers are legal to drive on public roads:

  • There are three types of wheel spacers available on the market: single spacers, double centering and double fixing spacers, and double centering spacers. Only the last – double centering wheel seals can be approved on a vehicle intended for public use.
  • The balance in the assembly and installation of these elements is crucial, any small slip will directly affect the behavior of the vehicle.
  • The installation and installation of the separators must be done by professionals, it is also important to choose official and approved separators. It is necessary that in the workshop where they are placed, they give you a certificate that is essential to be able to homologate and legalize this modifying element of your vehicle in any ITV center.
  • Not all cars can use wheel spacers, it is very important that you make sure that your vehicle can safely carry them and that you choose legal separators, in addition to an authorized installation center.
  • The advantages and effectiveness of the wheel spacers – greater grip – are not given under normal driving conditions; they can only be seen on very winding routes and in extreme driving conditions, so they are not a recommended or necessary element for a use daily.

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Pros and Cons of wheel spacers for your Toyota car

Wheel spacers widen the wheelbase of your car. These discs slide on the wheel studs, extending the hubs. Some wheel spacers are mainly used to modify the bolt pattern on your hubs so that you can use a different wheel; those that are also called “wheel adapters.” While wheel spacers are primarily used to improve your car’s performance, some question remains about the safety issues associated with their use.

The objectives of Wheel Spacers on tires are intended to improve performance, and some people use them to improve the turn of their sports car. The idea is that the longer the wheelbase (the width of the right wheel to the left wheel), the more the car will be monopolized. It will decrease the roll. Less rolling helps you get faster in corners and improves tire grip. Other people use wheel spacers to improve the performance of their all-terrain (4×4) vehicles.

The track broadening should be used carefully

Make sure that the distance between the spacers is maintained. In addition, not every disc may be installed – here it is necessary to observe the corresponding expert opinions of the manufacturers. There is an explicit list of the type of spacers that may be installed. The test is preceded by a detailed inspection by the manufacturer: The material is tested for reliability during vehicle operation. Subsequently, test pattern results, which are then evaluated for an expert opinion.

The tuning of Toyota wheel spacer is important for many drivers. The right distance is crucial and provides a more beautiful sight. Many car enthusiasts are immediately enthusiastic when they hear the keyword “Car spacing”. Customadeonly is one such provider of Toyota Wheel Spacers.

Off-road Toyota wheel spacer applications are similar, but they improve stability, not accelerate. When a car or truck is lifted for off-road use, it’s like a pyramid: tires are the base of the pyramid; the body is the point. The more the base area and the more stable it becomes. This stability is desirable when navigating extremely rugged areas like steep, rocky hills.

More High Performance Wheel Spacers

The advantages are simple: track wideners achieve the objectives described above. The widening of a car, making it more stable. In road applications, the wheel spacers make the car faster in the corners. In off-road applications, wheel spacers slightly widen the reach of where a vehicle can go and may even prevent it from rolling on.

Less High Performance Wheel Spacers

Many engineers and users believe struts are dangerous, maintains that the equipment is more apt to fail than the original parts. In particular, the wheel spacers increase the risk of shearing one or more studs, which can cause the wheel to be unstable, vibrate and possibly even detach. They also create the possibility that wheels and tires may come in contact with your wings or wheel arches, possibly damaging the car or puncturing the tires.

If you are still in doubt and wants to ask more questions that are not covered in the frequently asked questions segment, you can drop a mail to the manufacturer. There are many service providers in the market. Majority of them likes to reply to the customer queries. If you drop them a mail, they will get back to you ASAP.

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Why you should use the hub centric wheel spacers?

Any vehicle is a personal property of anybody who owns it. Even god and goddess have their own animals as their vehicle. Owning any kind of vehicle gives a total empowerment to the person. It makes any work much easier with ease within the specified time. This reduces the time, energy and money and makes to do a task with ease. Take a car if we want to visit our favorite temple we will reach there easily. Instead imagine using a public transport it will take longer hour than using our own vehicle.

Take a farmer who wants to take his goods, using his own truck will give many prospects for him.  Consider any transport; simply buying it will not make it functional it also needs appropriate accessories to make it more operational. There are many extra fits for any kind of transport and among the accessories hub centric wheel spacers from Customadeonly are considered to be an essential. When it is fixed, it makes the run of the truck very smooth without any jerk or any kind of discomfort.

Hub centric ring is a ring which is used with the rims of the transport vehicle and they are installed between the car wheel hub and the rim. The motive of fixing the hub centric ring is to seal the unoccupied space between the wheel hub and the center bore of the rim. These are made up of high quality long lasting durable industrial plastic. Normally they are in plastic and aluminum hub centric spacers are also found available to have a healthy fit.

Some reasons to think about fixing hub centric wheel spacers

Why should one think about fixing the spacer? Here comes the answer. Each manufacturer has their own specification for manufacturing their products. When the hub hole of the vehicle on the rim is larger than the wheel hub, it is mandatory that one must fit the wheel spacer.

The rim manufacturers consciously make the hub ring as big as possible for the rim to get fixed easily. They will consider the size of the hub hole in their making process. This allows the same rim for resale of the product if the vehicle is sold.

Centric rings are usually required only for post-sale rims. As the original rims normally come with a center bore of the right size. Generally, the hub centric rings are used with alloy wheels, but at times steel rims may also need hub centric rings.

The purpose of the centric ring is to perfectly center the alloy wheel to the wheel hub and hence it prevents vibration to the steering wheel during driving. When the driving is at high speed it creates shakes and when speed breakers and curves and bends on the road give shaking, this reduces the discomfort while driving.

Hub centric wheels are not for placing the wheels of the truck. They will center the wheel on the hub for placing wheel bolts. These are normally plastic rings which help to make our drive an enjoyable one.

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Various Types of Dodge Wheel Spacers for best use

Dodge Wheel Spacers are the one among the accessories of the vehicle. This gives better performance when it fixed to the car. It is not gets over once you purchase the car. Only choosing the right appropriate accessories will make its functioning, more effective. These Wheel Spacers provide an enhanced beauty to the vehicle as well as an improved performance by making the driving experience an enjoyable one.

Makes the car more appealing

When the accessory is fit in your car, believe it gives such a great look for your beloved vehicle. From toddler till an old woman will turn back and have look of your vehicle. It provides a stunning appearance. The shining aluminum spacers when it is fixed it really do call the attention of the others without fail.

Safe driving with much ease

The spacer is also used to fix larger tires. And this creates an extra space between the wheel and the wheel hub. This results in the reduction of traction while driving the car. When the wheel is attached from the hub assembly, it gives a better grip or traction. As the wheel is away from the hub assembly, these wheel spacers improve the traction of the vehicle. Besides, when the wheel spacers are used to extend the wheels outward from the vehicle the car becomes the center of attraction.

You come across different sizes of speed breakers, curves and bends and bad road conditions. If the spacer is fixed the jerks can be reduced and it makes your travel cool and comfort. Small children as well as even old people will love to travel with you. Or else you have to get scolding when the road condition is bad.

Protection of the vehicle

The stability of the car is assured when it is fixed. There are various types of Dodge Wheel Spacers manufactured by Customadeonly which provides ultimate safety to the vehicle you drive. According to the type of the vehicle they are involved in accurate manufacturing of the products. They meet the entire customer requirement and come out with a quality spacer. They have established themselves in the industry and known well among their customers. When the car is running on the road with stability lesser chances for accidents and it ensures the safety of the vehicle as well the persons who drive it. Every one travels at high speed, need not have to fear about the safety.

Minimum maintenance cost

 Once this accessory is fixed maintaining the vehicle becomes an easy task. The car now has more space allowing you to travel fast with much ease, it now has more equilibrium and provides better protection and overall performance of the car is increased and this results in the reduction of the maintenance or servicing the car often. This in long term will give a good saving. Besides the wear and tire of the tire is very less. For those who go often for a long journey you would have changed the tire often. This dodge spacer makes it less frequent.

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Tips to follow while fixing 8 lug wheel adapters

Be it a car or a truck anybody who wants to drive, wish to drive it with much ease. When it runs smoothly on the road without any jerk it ensures a safe driving and it makes the experience a pleasure. There are wheel spacers and adapters as the most considered accessories for vehicles. 8 lug wheel adapters are used to create more space for an enhanced driving.

Customadeonly has many selections of 8 lug wheel spacers and adapters for different models of vehicle people own all over the world.  It is mainly used to widen the track width of a vehicle. It allows for additional clearance of suspension parts. In addition, it converts a single wheel truck to a dual one. Besides, it also used to space the wheels apart, giving space for a wider tire.

The main purpose of fixing the 8 lug wheel adapter is to have more space and once you have decided to increase the wheel space here comes some important guidelines to have in your mind before getting fixed.

User specific requirement

There are many brands exist across the world. But be firm in selecting the one which provides solutions to the real requirement of its client. Many companies try to sell whatever they have with them. But only a chosen few likely would always prove the best in industry for providing the solution meeting all the requirements of its client. It produces its product as per the customer need. What you have to do is give your specification and the mention what model of car you have. Also give details of your own preferences if any. They will consider all this and come back to you with the fine product in the world.

Safety and protection

Once the wheel adapter is installed it gives ultimate safety. It gives stability and provides greater equilibrium. This ensures safety for both vehicles as well the persons. The extra space created provides fewer chances for unnecessary jerks. You have heard and have come across so many accidents which happened due to small reasons. This also increases the life of the tire. The tire plays an important role in one’s safe driving. When the tire is old the car will not have a grip to drive steadily. These spacers will provide an extra grip and give safety to the car as well as our beloved ones inside the vehicle.

Go for cost effective wheel spacer

Many spacers are there given by varied manufacturers. But only reputed companies gives you the best quote. The quality of the product is very important as it is related with the life of us. Do not compromise for a low-quality product. If the quality is bad it is going to cost our life. Even the vehicle we can buy a new one and also can claim insurance. But imagine if something happens to us. Nothing can replace god’s creation. It is always better to get a high-quality product for a minimal cost.

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How to recognize best wheel spacers for your Car

A car is something which always captivates the attention of the society. There is a difference in treating a person who is coming in a two wheeler and the coming in the car. Whoever comes in a car will be given a due consideration. The car is considered as a status symbol for many, for some it is a luxury and for others it is necessary. Whatever may be the reason to buy a car, it always has its own place in one’s life. College going guys will love to go to their college in a luxury car to show themselves among beautiful girls to capture their hearts and so on.

Selecting a car itself is a tedious process and many have their own personal preferences for buying a car. After getting a car it is not just over. Finding the right accessories for the car is of utmost importance. Only this gives completeness for the car. There are so many accessories for the vehicle. Among all the accessories, wheel spacers play a prominent role in deciding the look as well as the speed of the car. Many of the manufacturers around the world like are coming out with the best wheel spacers for the car. Be specific in choosing best wheel spacers from a reputed seller like Customadeonly.

Tips to find the right the wheel spacer

Personal choice

People will be astonished to see when a luxury car passes by with a high speed with a glimpse of its shining wheel with a stunning sound. Spacers definitely will enhance the beauty of a car. There are many models of the car comes in vivid colors and facilities. And people have a variety of preferences for the selection of the wheel spacers according to their car. That is because they like a particular design and style of the spacer they cannot opt for it. Instead, they must look in whether the chosen spacer actually goes well with the model and design of the car. So they have to give due importance to the specification of the model instead of giving consideration to their personal choice.

Availability of the space

Another important factor which plays a role is the availability of the space between the wheel and the hub of the car.  There must be enough space for fixing the spacer. It comes in different design and color and with different specification. So based on the existing space it must be fit perfectly. If it is not correctly fit it will create a disturbing journey with jerks in the bends and curves of the road.

Durability of the material

The making of the spacer must be of the good quality material. It must not rust, break easily and withstand the rough conditions on the road. It must have the minimum wear and tire. The road conditions may vary from one place to the other. Moreover, when we are on a long journey if the material is of low quality, likely chances to break and it will spoil our entire travel.

Easy installation

The process of fitting should be easy. Or else the other parts of the car may be damaged while fitting.

Quality of the spacer

This is utmost important. Though many manufacturers are involved in producing the spacer only a few are known for their quality.  The spacers come in different style and design according to the different models of the car.

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Adopt Wheel Adapters to Customize Your Vehicle

Wheel adapters are an essential to uphold and correct offset of your vehicle. This helps in the effective functioning of the car or any type of vehicle used by you. Custom wheel adapters are used to increase the space between the inner wheel base or the centerline and the rim. After fixing this, there is an increased space and it provides more stability for the car. The car flies on the road without any jerks. You can change the distance between the inner hub and the rim as per your need.

Visual impact

The use of custom wheel adapters not only increases the efficacy of the car functioning, it also increases the appeal of the car. It gives an entirely a different look to the wheels of any kind of the vehicle. The wheels are the most noticed part when the car is driven. So always try to choose the custom wheel adapters from a reputed manufacturer like Customadeonly.

Creates space and more efficiency of the vehicle

When you want to fix larger tires, this comes to your help. These are used to fit over a car holding bracket and it creates an extra space between the wheel and the wheel hub. This helps in the reduction of traction while driving the car. Most of the folks use wheel spacers to increase their vehicle’s operation, called as traction. When the wheel is attached from the hub assembly, it gives a better grip or traction. As the wheel is away from the hub assembly, these wheel spacers improve the traction of the vehicle. Besides, when the wheel spacers are used to extend the wheels outward from the vehicle the car becomes the center of attraction.


The wheel spacers are made up of high-quality aluminum. This undergoes a rigorous quality check. It is tested for high tolerance and for a perfect fit. You use your car for many purposes. One day you want to have a jolly ride on the riverside. Another day you want to visit a hill station. You have too many places of your choice of the journey. And the road conditions of the places are different from one another. Considering all this the manufacturers produce it with high-quality metal, the aluminum. This withstands the toughest conditions of the road and gives better performance.

Customer requirement and choice

The model of the car owned by you is not the same from the other. So it is better that the spacers can be chosen according to your model and type of the car. Custom made only has proven itself in providing the world class wheel adapters (customized ones) as per the client requirement. When you inform your requirement and the specification they will provide you the best service in the industry.

As per the individual budget

Though there are different requirements and specification for the adapters, look into your budget. Compare the quotes provided by different brands and find who gives you the minimum quote with the maximum quality. Then based on the need of yours, you can decide which service you could option for.

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