A Better Method to Overcome Seven Top Risks of Truck Wheel Spacers

If you have a company that lends trucks for transporting goods from one place to another, then you must be aware of how difficult road transportation can be. Not all roads are same. Some are bumpy, some are plain, some has a rough terrain and in between all this, your trucks are plying up and down. As part of your business, you have to ensure that your truck remains in top condition. How do you do that? When you opt for wheel spacers for your truck, you are ensuring a new lease of life for your vehicle.

Common misconcepts surrounding wheel spacers

When you search the market for Truck wheel spacers many options like Customadeonly you will come across who will advise you against this product. Well, it is mainly because of the misconcepts surrounding the product. People refuse to learn and upgrade their knowledge on different products and pass on their half-baked information to others thereby giving birth to misconceptions. However, today, we are going to discuss these misconceptions for you.

  • Replacing the old tire with a new one is a better option: Unless the tire is completely worn out and can hardly function, there is no point in replacing the tire. Buying a new tire is an expensive solution. And when you are buying a new tire, you have to replace all the tires in the truck. On the other hand if you opt for wheel spacers for your truck, it will be a cost effective solution even when you go for spacers for all the wheels.
  • It is not possible to improve the performance of a truck after several years of use: Well you could not be more wrong. You can enhance the performance of your truck by installing the wheel spacers. They increase the distance between the car and the wheel thereby helping to divide the load. This in turn improves the overall performance of your truck. Covering huge distance irrespective of the road condition is no longer a hassle.
  • Wheel spacers damage the car: No, they do not. If you notice carefully, you will see that not all tires get worn out at the same time. And if you replace one tire with a new one while the others are as it is, you will experience a difference in your driving. It will not be a pleasant one. But when you install a wheel spacer, you are improving the overall control over the truck.
  • Affects the safety of the vehicle: On the contrary,the best way to ensure that your truck is up and running is by taking proper care of the wheels. The wheel spacers ensure that you can maneuver round the curvy roads, travel through bumpy roads without any kind of jerk. It increases the safety of your vehicle manifold.

Wheel spacers rise above the rest

In addition to the above major misconceptions, wheel spacers also break the myth surrounding customized varieties, is not fit for vehicles of any size, weight and that it affects the appearance of the vehicle.Try out the Truck wheel spacers from Customadeonly to notice the difference today.

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Five Ways on How to Prepare For Custom Wheel Adapters

Wheel adapters are used to change the bolt pattern of your vehicle’s hub. This item makes it possible to mount the wheels in your chosen pattern. Wheel adapters are made out of high quality aluminum which is further run through CNC machine for high tolerance and perfect fit. This ensures that the car runs smoothly with better control and maneuvering facility. In fact you will enjoy a better driving experience after installing this item.

What are the major benefits of Wheel Adapters?

Custom wheel adapters come with their own benefits. It is these advantages that have made the wheel spacers so popular and sought after. Some of the important ones are mentioned below:

  • There is no need for bolt on modification for your car.
  • You can get your vehicle back into the original factory set up
  • You have got diverse collections at disposal to choose from

Black Wheel Spacers - 5X100 56.1CB - 15mm

What are the five ways on how to prepare custom adapters?

Custom Wheel Adapters from Customadeonly can be made in five different ways. Let us read through those 5 ways:

  • As per client specification: In this, the wheel spacers are made as per the client specifications. All you need to do is contact the service provider and tell him what you are looking for. Provide him with in-depth specifications. If required have a discussion with him with respect to what you want. Once you have a clear discussion with him, he will prepare the wheel spacers accordingly.
  • As per the car model:The service providers have a wide collection of wheel spacers at disposal. The make each of these varieties as per the different models and brands of car they cater too. Moreover, they offer those collections for which they are the certified dealers.
  • As per market demands: If you scourge the market, you will find that the market demands often vary. There are certain brands and models of car that are extremely popular.The service providers cater to the market demands.
  • For out of stock models of car:There are many cars that have gone out of stock. But users still use those cars. To increase the performance of those cars, the users still look for wheel spacers that are apt for those models. To cater to this segment of buyers, the service providers offer wheel spacers for out of stock models.
  • As per budget:Different buyers have different spending power.To cater to the buying power of the users, service providers offer different quality of products at different price range.

Custom services at cost effective rates

There are many service providers who offer custom made services at cost effective rates. If you are looking for specific kind of wheel spacers for your car, scourge the market accordingly. Most of the sellers have a valid website that you can browse easily. Check out the diverse collection to find out the one that fits your budget and requirement accordingly. What are you waiting for? Install the wheel spacers to improve the performance of your vehicle.

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5 Moments to Remember From Toyota Wheel Spacers

Driving a car is an exhilarating experience. Most of us prefer to go on long drives to over stress, grief and even depression. Not all roads are same. Some roads are smooth, while others are filled with bumps and jerks. Some are hilly terrains while others are plains. Majority has a single car if not more, which means that no matter whatever the condition of the road, you are using the same vehicle on all the roads. This is turn is affecting the performance of your car and the wheels are getting affected. If you wish to ensure that your cars retains its top performance without any hassle, and then opt for wheel spacers of high quality.

Wheel Spacers - 4X100 54.1CB - 15mm

What are the 5 Moments that you experience when you install Toyota Wheel Spacers

When you install Toyota wheel spacers you are sure to experience the following five moments that you are going to cherish for quite some time.

  • A stylish looking car: Let us begin with the appearance. When you install the wheel spacers, you end up enhancing the appearance of your car. The stylish alloy has its own charm and will lend your car an attractive appearance. People are sure to applaud you for your choice of wheel spacers.
  • Smooth driving experience: When you install the wheel spacers, you are sure to experience a smooth driving experience. The spacers will absorb the shock and you will enjoy a bump free, jerk less driving experience. Moreover, there will be an improved control over your car. You can bend your car in any direction without any hassle. This is really a great experience.
  • Safe journey: When you have better control over your car, you drive in a better fashion. This improves the safety feature of your car. Even if the road is full of bumps and pits, you can be rest assured of a safe journey. You don’t have to worry about losing control over your vehicle. Interesting isn’t it?
  • Save money: Whenever you invest in an accessory for your car, you look for ways to save money. Instead of spending money behind a new tire, opt for a wheel spacer. This is more cost effective. You will end up saving money in the long run.
  • Custom made service: When you option for Toyota wheel spacers from Customadeonly you can expect tailor made services.Provide them with relevant information on your car and the different specifications you are interested in. Accordingly they will make your wheel spacer.

On time delivery

What works in favor of authorized service providers is that they offer on-time delivery of your car. Once you hand over your car to them, they will install the wheel spacers and will deliver it at your address within the stipulated period. Make sure that you opt for well-known and sought after service providers if you wish to buy high quality and genuine wheel spacers. It is better to invest in genuine products even if they cost more rather than opting for money saving measures.

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5 Interesting Features of Bmw Wheel Spacers That Make Everyone Love It

BMW is one of the leading brands of car manufacturers. They are well known for their custom made cars that are at par with the best in the industry. But, no car is susceptible to everyday wear and tear. Yes, it’s true that compared to the other brands of vehicles that ply down the road, the ones made by BMW will last longer, but this car too require repair and maintenance if you wish to ensure that its performance remains top notch throughout the year.

Billet 3/16 (5mm) Wheel Spacer

What are the 5 interesting features of BMW wheel spacers?

Wheels pacers offered by BMW have been specially created to enhance and improve the overall performance of the car. The spacers help to maintain the required distance between the wheel and the car thereby ensuring that the total weight of the car is equally divided on all the wheels. These spacers come with 5 interesting features which are mentioned below:

  • High quality products: The bmw wheel spacers are made out of high quality alloy that has undergone several levels of quality test before being launched in the market. In fact, the alloy used is non-corrodeable and does not rust easily. Thus, once you install this spacer, you don’t have to think about changing it in the near future. You can be rest assured that they will last for several years to come.


  • Diverse collections for different models of BMW: The wheel spacers offered by BMW are available in diverse collections. They offer spacers as per the make and model of the BMW. They also take into account the size, space and weight of the car in their different collections so that you have access to better quality goods under a single roof.


  • Installation Services available: BMW offers installation facility to its users. When you buy a wheel spacer from BMW showroom, they will send over a professional to install the spacer. In case, you bring your car to the showroom; they will get the needful done from their end.


  • Custom made wheel spacers: with BMW you can expect custom made wheel spacers. If you do not like the collection of spacers available, inform them about your car requirements and specifications. They will deliver a custom made wheel spacer for your car, how cool is that?


Go for wheel spacers by BMW today

Now that you area ware of the interesting features of the wheel spacers offered by BMW, go for a branded one only. Don’t go for the ones available with the run of the mill tire repair shops. You never know, you might end up with a fake piece. It is better to buy it from a certified dealer than from some local store and get duped in the process. so what are you waiting for? Check out the diverse collections today!

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Five Things about Hubcentric Wheel Spacers You Have To Experience It Yourself

When you bought your car, you expected it to give you high quality performance for as long as you owned it. But, this does not happen always. With regular use over the years, the performance of your car gets affected. Moreover, you end up changing the accessories and upgrading them so that the performance gets enhanced rather than dipping down. The way you change the car stereo or upgrade the air conditioner, it is not possible to get your car replaced that easily. Most people don’t replace the wheels until it has completely wearied off. But, this is wrong. Your vehicle’s entire weight is borne by the wheels.

Black Wheel Spacers - 5X100 54.1CB - 15mm

Install hubcentric wheel spacers to notice the difference

To ensure that your car’s wheel remains in top notch quality and offers great service opts for hubcentric wheel spacers. When you install this spacer, you will notice the following five things:

  • Improved control over your car: The best part about wheel spacersis that they improve your control over the car. You can notice this difference when you turn your car down curvy roads. The maneuvering becomes easy and smooth. You don’t have exert pressure or be too conscious about which side your car might turn when you are at the wheel. All these aspects are looked after by the spacers. Moreover, if you are planning to go for a ride on the terrain road, the spacers increase the overall performance of the drive. This is because the spacers increase the space between the wheel and the car and increases the space between the wheels thereby dividing the load equally.
  • The safety measures are increased: When you install hubcentric wheel spacers from Customadeonly, you will notice that you have better control over your car. As such you are able to drive the car in a better fashion without the fear of accidents. You will notice a better grip which is great as a safety measure.
  • Gives an attractive appearance: The overall appearance of your car gets enhanced. The shiny alloy lends your car a stylish appeal. The wheels don’t look dirty or grimy anymore. They are clean and quite attractive to look at. Be prepared to receive loads of accolades for installing this item.
  • Cost effective:Installing wheel spacers is a cost effective solutions. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars behind a new tire, improve the longevity of your tire by installing the spacers. They increase the space thereby dividing the load equally. As such, none of the tires get the complete weight. This ensures that the wheels can be used for several years to come.
  • Custom made service: and finally with the hubcentric wheel spacers you can expect to get custom made service. They have a wide range of wheels spacers at disposal. If you want you can opt for a tailor made spacer as per your car’s requirement and specifications.

Buy the wheel spacers today

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the wheels spacer installed today to notice the difference.

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How to Recognize Problems with Wheel Spacers?

Buying a car is not enough. You need to know how to drive so as to ensure both your and the car’s safety. However a lot depends on the car and its associated accessories. If the wheel is not proper or if the tire has got worn off, your car’s overall performance will be badly affected. The most important accessory of a car is its wheels. They carry the entire weight of the car and ensure load distribution so that your car does not topple over. However, for this you need to install the right kind of tire. Often, it becomes expensive to replace the tire. What do you do in such a situation? The ideal option is to install a wheel spacer. This item increases the space between the tire and the car thereby ensuring that it is easy to take turns round the bends or when you swirl the car, it should do the needful in a swift and comfortable manner.

How to Recognize Problems with Wheel Spacers

In order to avoid any problems or hassles while purchasing wheel spacers, make sure that you exercise your discretionary powers to select the best wheel spacers. Following are the important problem areas that you need to consider:

  • Space estimate: When you are planning to buy wheel spacers, don’t forget to consider the space between the wheel and the hub. The right estimate will help you to select the right kind of wheel spacer.
  • The perfect size: When you select the right size, you are able to select the appropriate wheel spacer for your wheel rims.
  • Proper fitting: Make sure that the wheel spacer is fitted properly between the wheel and the car if you wish to enjoy a jerk free ride. In fact this will help you to prevent unwanted accidents in the future as well.
  • The right metal: when you opt for high quality wheel spacersyou are ensuring that the spacer will not corrode or get rusted in the long run. Moreover, as they are made of good quality aluminum and alloy they are long lasting too. This means that once you install the item, you can forget about it in the coming next few years.
  • Right installation process: Make sure that you follow the right installation process. If proper fittings are not ensured there are high chances that the spacer will come off and it will lead to a disaster. Hence, it is advisable that you check out the fittings at regular intervals, especially after the installation has been done.

Why should you install wheel spacers?

It is a good idea to install wheel spacers because they help to increase the overall performance of the car. They ensure stability and better control over the car. It is easy to turn the car around bendy curves. There are many service providers who deal in this item. You can check out some of the best wheel spacers from Custommadeonly for your car. They deal in high quality products at affordable rates.

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Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts about Honda Wheel Spacers

If you are a first time buyer of wheel spacers, you are sure going to have a host of questions and queries. This is quite natural. However, you need to know where you can raise these questions to get the desired answers. There are two options. You can post your question in a forum and wait for the members to reply to your question. You can also check out the frequently asked questions segment of the dealer’s website to find out relevant answers.

Frequently Asked Questions on Wheel Spacers

The frequently asked questions segment is of great help as you have access to available and relevant information. Some of the commonly asked questions include the following:

  • Which is the ideal place to buy Honda Wheel Spacers?

 The best place to buy wheel spacers is from the authorized dealers. When you have plans to buy Honda Wheel Spacers, check out the certified dealers. They deal in authentic and genuine products of high quality.

  • What are the factors that you need to consider when you buy the wheel spacer?

There are many factors that need to be considered when you are buying the spacer. Important ones among them include the right size, weight of the vehicle and the model type. There are different types of cars manufactured by Honda. All of them do not have the same type of tires. Hence, it is quite natural that one single type of spacer will not fit all the models of Honda car. Thus it becomes vital to check the different types and varieties.

  • What if I change the tire instead of opting for a wheel spacer?

 You can do that, but it will not be a good solution. Wheel spacers are relatively cheaper compared to a new tire. If you change the tire, you end up spending more money then you will do if you opt for wheel spacers.

  • Will installing a wheel spacer violate my car’s warranty facilities?

If you install Wheel Spacers from a run of the mill tire repair shop than the authorized dealer. Your car’s warranty will be violated. You will not get any of the facilities applicable during this period. Hence, it is a good idea to buy it from authorized dealers only.

  • Is installing for a wheel spacer a good idea?

Over the years, you must have noticed that your car’s overall performance is badly affected. If you wish to enhance your car’s look and performance then there is no better alternative than installing a wheel spacer. They improve the stability of the car with easy maneuvering features and improved control. It is a quick and effective way of improving your vehicle’s overall performance to a great extent.

Contact the manufacturer

If you still have more questions that are not covered in the frequently asked questions segment, you can drop a mail to the manufacturer. There are many service providers in the market. Majority of them likes to reply to the customer queries. Customadeonly is one such provider of Honda Wheel Spacers. If you drop them a mail, they will get back to you ASAP.

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