7 Disadvantages of Ford Wheel Spacers and How to Solve Them

There are common beliefs that there are many troubles faced during the use of the wheel spacers. There are many benefits also. If you use the right fit of the wheel spacers, you will get manifold benefits. There are certain issues that may be faced with your Ford Wheel Spacers and taking certain steps, you may be able to avoid them. Have a look at these different problems and their probable solutions.

Black Wheel Spacers - 5X100 56.1CB - 20mm

  1. Improper fittings: If the fittings of your wheel spacers have not been done properly, it may pose a big problem for your car. The spacers are part of your wheel assembly and this assembly bears the entire weight of the vehicle. If the fittings are loose or improper, the unsafe conditions of the vehicle will rise. The chances of the accidents will go up. It should not remain loose. It may come of any time leading to serious injury of the passengers in the vehicle.
  2. Not customized: If the wheel spaces are not customized, they may not be able to deliver the results that you had been expecting of them. Go to the reputed manufacturers who can take up your specialized requirements and customize the products for you. You can have the looks that you had always longed for. The riding feel of the car will get enhanced as per your need including the increase of the ground clearance. The readymade products can never match the performance of the customized ones.
  3. Not getting the desired levels of control while driving: If you want to get the enhanced control of the car, you have to select the right wheel spacers. Always go by the specifications of the spacers to find out whether the spacers are compatible for the model of your car.
  4. Not getting the desired looks: You should get the looks that you have been longing for with the use of the wheel spacers. A wrong fitting of the wheel spacer may have caused the problem. Go to the dealer find the best compatible and good looking spacers.
  5. Spacers are very cheap: If you have settled for spacers which are too cheap may have helped you in the saving of considerable money. This may lead to the chances of getting products which are of inferior quality. These products may be unsafe and dangerous to use.
  6. Bolt pattern is not adequate: If the bolt patterns of your car are not enough for the firm and secure fitting, you should go for the spacers which has larger bolts. This will make your car safer. The chances of the wheel assembly suddenly getting loose will be removed.
  7. Using cheap spacers: Go to reliable dealers such as Customadeonly for buying your Ford Wheel Spacers for best results. Prices of their products may be slightly higher but you can rely on them for the quality. You should not buy products which are too cheap.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to overcome the problems faced in using wheel spacers.

Blog Source: http://customadeonly.blogspot.in/2016/11/7-disadvantages-of-ford-wheel-spacers.html


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