The Seven Things You Must Know About Custom Wheel Spacers

There are certain things that all car users should know about the customized wheel spacers. This can help them going for these types of spacers for their vehicles.

Wheel Spacers - 4X100 54.1CB - 15mm

  1. They make your car look attractive: When you go for the custom wheel spacers, you can improve the appearance of your car. A relatively common look can be transformed into an extraordinary look. The tires get pushed out and this endows an aggressive appearance to your vehicle. This is ideal for people who want to make their cars look classy and stand out from the crowd of vehicles.
  2. Gives greater riding comfort: When spacers are installed it enhances the riding comfort of the car greatly. As the tires are spaced outwards, the weight of the car gets distributed more evenly. This leads to the better road grip and the jerks and bumps are reduced. A person can have the car ride even more comfortably. Many luxury cars are found to have spacers fitted.
  3. Decreases the maintenance cost of your car: As the car fitted with wheel spacers are found to have better road grip with enhanced suspension features, the wear and tear of the body parts are reduced a lot. The tires are spaced out and do not rub with the body parts resulting in the increase of their life. All this will be effective in bringing down the cost of maintenance of your car.
  4. Easier to drive the car: With the enhancement of the road grip of the car, the driving of the car is rendered easier than before. Speeding of the vehicle becomes easier. The chances of overturning are lessened with the increase in the safety features of the vehicle. The taking of sharp turns is bettered with the tires being spaced out more.
  5. The right spacers for the vehicle model should be used: You need to contact reliable dealers such as Customadeonly to get the best custom wheel spacers for your vehicle. A misfit spacer cannot give you the desired results for your car. The custom ones are very much make and model specific. Fitting of any other spacer will not be perfect. This may lead to additional problems.
  6. Engage an experienced mechanic for fittings: The fitting of the spacer should not be done by an amateur person. An expert mechanic would be the right choice for carrying out this job. The dealer from whom you buy the products can also help you in the fitting of these items. An improper fitting may lead your car becoming unsafe and prone to accidents.
  7. You can change the bolt pattern of your car: On using the customized wheel spacers, the bolt pattern of your vehicle can be changed easily. You can change a four bolt type to a six bolt type. This feature can help your wheels to be fitted to the hub even more firmly than before.

On knowing these facts, you can know the benefits that these spacers can bring about in the riding of your vehicle.

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