Seven Tricks You Must Know When Using Ford Wheel Spacers

The usage of the car wheel spacers has become very common nowadays. You will find many sellers selling the wheel spacers of many car makes and models. Getting the right one for your car may become a challenge for persons who do not have much about cars and spacers. Here are 7 tricks you should know for using Ford Wheel Spacers for your vehicle.


  1. Go for the customized ones: There are many types of spacers that are available in the market. The customized spacers fit in properly to your vehicle. Any misfit may give rise to chances of accidents. The customized ones are made for your car make and model in a tailor made manner and can give the best results.
  2. Buy from a manufacturer of repute: A manufacturer has built up his reputation with the supply of quality materials with time. He will be more dependable as per the quality of materials provided than any other unknown manufacturer. The famed ones generally provide good after sales services also.
  3. Do not compromise on budget: There are many types of wheel spacers that are available in the market. Their price ranges also vary from the cheaper to the expensive ones. If you compromise on the budget too much, you may land up purchasing a lower grade of material. Better prices give better quality of materials.
  4. Do some research: During making your choice of the manufacturer, do some research beforehand. Take the opinion of car mechanics or the local garage. You can also do an internet research for finding out the desired details. Research will give you an insight of the details of the car wheel spacers.
  5. Change the bolt pattern: Your car may come with a 4 bolt pattern. With the fitting of spacers, you can change the bolt pattern of your car into 6 type bolt pattern. The spacers fit on to the hub firmly with increased bolts. The safety aspects of the cars get enhanced with the increase in the bolt pattern of the car.
  6. Make your car look trendy: When you purchase from companies like Customadeonly, you can get excellent Ford Wheel Spacersthat can enhance the looks of your car. The wheels are pushed out giving an aggressive look to your car. Many people love fitting the spacers to make their cars look smarter and eye catchy.
  7. Increase the life of your car parts: When you add spacers to your car, you can enhance the life of different parts of the car. The suspension system gets better with lesser jerks. The car weight gets distributed more evenly leading to a better road grip. The wheel does not rub against the fenders or the brake calipers.

Getting the right spacers is most important. After purchasing your vehicle, go to the right manufacturer for fitting the most suited spacer for your vehicle. The correct spacer installation will not only increase the life of certain body parts but will also add to the safety elements of the car.

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