All You Wanted To Know About Ford Wheel Spacers

With the wheel spacer becoming quite popular among the car lovers, many options are available to you to choose from.  Most people, however, feel that spacers are only for the car and trucks of large sizes. If you are in this league, it is time to reject this notion. The wheel spacers can do wonders to your small car by giving it a smarter, steadier and bigger look.  There is no requirement to purchase a larger vehicle to satisfy your desire of driving a big car. Use the Ford Wheel Spacers to give your small car a dashing look and add to its weight. Try out the market and search through many options available, to reach the spacer that is most suitable for the wheel.

Little Space Between the Wheels

Often you find tiny space between the wheels in a car.  The small space leaves no room for the brake kit that stands in between the wheels. You need to create space between the tires to enjoy a better drive. To buy the spacer that fits your car the best, you need to know about your vehicle and its make. These factors influence the width of the spacer to a great extent. Although there are many spacers available that fit any brand or make of cars, going for a spacer that is specially made to fit the model that you drive is a better option.


Going For The Brand

To ensure that the spacer fits your car correctly, most vehicle manufacturers create their brand of spacers. This is to ensure your safety and to improve the handling experience you have with the car. If you drive a Ford, it is always advisable to go for a Ford Wheel Spacer manufactured by the car company and for that you can always visit  The spacers have the reputation of being the right fit for the model and the year of manufacture of the vehicle. In case you do not find a spacer that fits your car, readily available, you should go for customized spacers.

The Benefits Of Getting Customized Spacer

When you buy a customized wheel spacer, you are sure to get one that fits into the bolt pattern of the wheel perfectly. The spacers, custom-made for your car also take into consideration the center bore of a wheel. Since the diameter of the center bore is available in the documents, you can easily provide the information to the makers of your customized spacers. Each model of the Ford has a different bolt pattern and a different diameter of the center bore.  Buying readymade spacer on the highway may not fit the wheel properly.

 No Additional Strain On Suspension.

 A common fear that runs among many people is that the installation of wheel spacer results in the wearing away of the suspension components, due to the additional pressure that the spacer puts on it. Experts suggest that although using larger wheels may add to the pressure on the wheel bearings, the spacer does not put any additional strain on the ball joints. People who ruin the cars on the highways and off-road situations, have no complaints about the functionality of the spacers, leave alone the complaints of premature wearing away of the suspension.

 You may go for the hub-centric or the lug-centric design of spacers. Both are equally safe for your vehicle, provided you get the right one for your car and you get the installation done by experts.

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