8 Lug Wheel Spacers For Large Trucks

The 8 lug wheel spacers are implemented to increase the track width of a vehicle. It is generally used for large vehicles. It changes a single wheel truck to a dual one and enhances the gap between the tires for the lifting of wider dual tires. These types of spacers for trucks are widely in demand nowadays. When you need to increase the weight bearing capacity of your truck through adding of wheel spacers, going for 8 lug wheel spacers will be a right choice for the enhancement.

Types of changes

If you want to change a single wheeled truck to a dual wheeled one, 4” spacers, need to be used on the front wheels and 3” spacers at the back. Along with this type of spacer, there will be no difficulty in using the standard fenders and the double wheels. The truck has similar width and stance. The type of 8 lug spacer that is most popularly used is the 2″ wide 8 lug spacer. When large tires are fitted that can be dually lifted. A 2” wide spacer can be employed along with up to 13.50 wide tires. If you need 2” spacers of other widths, it can be custom built easily.

5lug 5mm 800x800.jpg  800×800

Advantages offered by spacers

The wheel spacers render an appealing look to the vehicle. It creates additional space between the hub and the wheels of the vehicle. The efficiency of the vehicle rises due to this. The spacers create a distance between the wheel and the hubs thereby reducing the friction element. The wheels and tire get protection as wear and tear on them are reduced. In a roundabout way, the vehicle life is enhanced, and expenses of maintenance are minimized. The vehicle track gets widened due to the inclusion of the wheel spacer. Thus, the equilibrium and the road grip of the wheels are also enriched.

Wide range of choices

The 8 lug wheel spacers render extra suspension power to the vehicle. In the case of wider tires on the vehicle, these spacers would be ideal. There are different types of these spacers. For customizing, the spacers can be fitted from the different choices available in the market. You will get different varieties to fit your vehicle depending on your make and the various variants of the make. There are wide ranges of spacers from which you are free to take your pick as per your requirement. You can refer to http://www.customadeonly.com/8-Lugs-to-8-Lugs/to get ideas about 8 lug wheel spacers of different varieties.

Add a spacer to see the effect

8 lug wheel spacers help in the conversion of a single wheel vehicle into a dual wheel vehicle. The efficiency of the vehicle is increased by bringing about this change. The spacers which are of superior quality are made out of the best available aluminum. Due to the usage of this metal, the structure is not only imparted tensile strength but care is also taken that no rusting happens from this element. The vehicle maneuvering becomes easier, and driving becomes very simple. You just need to add an 8 lug wheel spacer to feel the change.


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