8 Lug Wheel Spacers For Large Trucks

The 8 lug wheel spacers are implemented to increase the track width of a vehicle. It is generally used for large vehicles. It changes a single wheel truck to a dual one and enhances the gap between the tires for the lifting of wider dual tires. These types of spacers for trucks are widely in demand nowadays. When you need to increase the weight bearing capacity of your truck through adding of wheel spacers, going for 8 lug wheel spacers will be a right choice for the enhancement.

Types of changes

If you want to change a single wheeled truck to a dual wheeled one, 4” spacers, need to be used on the front wheels and 3” spacers at the back. Along with this type of spacer, there will be no difficulty in using the standard fenders and the double wheels. The truck has similar width and stance. The type of 8 lug spacer that is most popularly used is the 2″ wide 8 lug spacer. When large tires are fitted that can be dually lifted. A 2” wide spacer can be employed along with up to 13.50 wide tires. If you need 2” spacers of other widths, it can be custom built easily.

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Advantages offered by spacers

The wheel spacers render an appealing look to the vehicle. It creates additional space between the hub and the wheels of the vehicle. The efficiency of the vehicle rises due to this. The spacers create a distance between the wheel and the hubs thereby reducing the friction element. The wheels and tire get protection as wear and tear on them are reduced. In a roundabout way, the vehicle life is enhanced, and expenses of maintenance are minimized. The vehicle track gets widened due to the inclusion of the wheel spacer. Thus, the equilibrium and the road grip of the wheels are also enriched.

Wide range of choices

The 8 lug wheel spacers render extra suspension power to the vehicle. In the case of wider tires on the vehicle, these spacers would be ideal. There are different types of these spacers. For customizing, the spacers can be fitted from the different choices available in the market. You will get different varieties to fit your vehicle depending on your make and the various variants of the make. There are wide ranges of spacers from which you are free to take your pick as per your requirement. You can refer to http://www.customadeonly.com/8-Lugs-to-8-Lugs/to get ideas about 8 lug wheel spacers of different varieties.

Add a spacer to see the effect

8 lug wheel spacers help in the conversion of a single wheel vehicle into a dual wheel vehicle. The efficiency of the vehicle is increased by bringing about this change. The spacers which are of superior quality are made out of the best available aluminum. Due to the usage of this metal, the structure is not only imparted tensile strength but care is also taken that no rusting happens from this element. The vehicle maneuvering becomes easier, and driving becomes very simple. You just need to add an 8 lug wheel spacer to feel the change.


Go for custom wheel adapters for customizing your vehicle wheels

A wheel adapter alters the bolt design of a vehicle and protrudes the wheel outwards, makes you customize your wheels for your vehicles. The main features of wheel adapters are that adapters for nearly all types of models for all companies can be made. These adapters are made out of superior quality billet material. Wheel to adapters are manufactured by press-in studs. You will find adapters of any required diameter and width. Diverse designs of bolts can be made. An array of sizes can be made and can be customized as per the need of the customers.

Pros and cons

The major advantages of custom wheel adapters are to be seen that it can be easily changed between   4x98mm and 4x100mm bolt pattern wheels. Permanent changes are not made in the vehicle. Very little time is expended as only short time is required for change as only the tire and the rims have to be opened up for exercising this customized change. The weight of the car is increased through this customization. Thus, this may increase marginal fuel consumption costs. This change is Bolton change and can easily be shifted from one vehicle to another without facing any trouble. If you are having multiple models of vehicles of the same make, life becomes easier for you.

What does it do?

The wheel adapters make the rim move outwards, and the rims can be fixed with lots of backspacing. The required backspacing needs to be calculated before fixing of adapters. Some room needs to be provided for the suspension system movement. For this, it is suggested that 2” adapters are to be attached to the rear and the front. This wider track aids in the cornering process. If wider wheels are attached to the rear similar size of adapters both in the front and the back will not do. There are many persons who have a liking for adapters having a lesser width on the rear. If similar sizes are used both in the front and the back, the vehicle enjoys a far more balanced look.


Applications of custom adapters

Customadeonly gives you the details of custom wheel adapters that are available. These can be applied to any wheel to fit your car. The thickness of the adapters can vary from 1” to 4” thickness. These customizations can take place within anytime between 10 to 28 days and can have the inch or metric HD studs. For your customization to take place, the thickness of the adapter needs to be mentioned along with hub and ring bolt circles. Without knowledge of the specifications, the manufacturers of custom adapters will not be able to prepare the right fit for your vehicle. Whenever you place any such order is doubly sure of the measurements since these parts once delivered are not taken back.

Follow fixation guidelines

The wheel adapters are safe to use, provided that are fixed correctly while bolting on to the wheel. The wheel adapters have factory recommended specifications for wheel adapter fixing. These need to be abided by strictly. The information is printed on the inside of the driver’s side door.

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The Benefits Of Installing Truck Wheel Spacers

The trucks that drive through long distances and carry with them a lot of expensive and essential commodities should take care to maintain the maximum level of safety for their vehicles. To make the truck steadier and to facilitate the turning of corners with ease, you require installing the Truck Wheel Spacers on the wheels. Besides this, the truck tires remain safe from many other problems when you use a spacer for its wheels.

Install Accessories To Enhance Safety

Buying a truck to transport goods from one place to another is not enough you have to ensure the safety of the driver and the goods that it carries by installing accessories that enhance the security of the vehicle.  The car and truck drivers use the wheel spacers increasingly as measures of protection for their vehicles.  The right wheel spacer offers the additional strength to the tires of the large and heavy vehicle like the truck.

Prevent Jerking Of The Vehicle

The spacers installed between the hub and the wheel of the vehicle, offer you a perfect drive and prevent the truck from getting jerks.  The spacers allow the brakes to function better.  Vehicles with wheel spacers stop within a short distance from the application of the brake, thereby minimizing the chances of an accident.  In case you are a truck driver or an owner, you need to mount a spacer on the wheels of your truck to protect your vehicle and its driver.


Purchasing a Spacer

You can buy the spacer from the auto shops offering various accessories at competitive prices.  You may like a design but going by the utility and the requirement of the vehicle is a wise decision.  Many types of spacers are available in the market. Go by the one that uses the best quality material to manufacture the product. You may compromise on the design to save cost, but not on the material. When you buy spacers made of an inferior quality material, it may develop cracks or put pressure on the wheel bearings. This may lead to the wearing away of the tires and the suspension component quickly, and you will have to replace them more often.

Buy From Renowned manufacturers

Visiting the brick and mortar shop or the website of the reputed spacer manufacturers like customadeonly.comgets you the best Truck Wheel Spacers that are durable and long-lasting. The firms have universal spacers and custom made too that you can buy according to the needs of your vehicle.  The companies also offer you valuable advice on the spacers that will suit the vehicle of a particular make.

Buying Wheel Spacer Online

When buying spacers online go through the range of products available and choose the one that is most suitable for your car.  Visiting a site that offers reviews about the online shops helps you to find the one, which is most popular among its clients. Also, compare the price of the products and other details like the material used and then models of vehicles a spacer will fit into.  Have the details about your vehicle handy with you. This helps you to choose the right rim for your truck at a discounted price.   This is an additional benefit you get while visiting the website besides the range of products that are available at a click of the button.

 Do not hurry when deciding on this critical accessory for your truck. Take some time and find the one that meets the specifications of your vehicle, to enjoy a safe and smooth drive.

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Go By The Specifications When Installing The Dodge Wheel Spacers

With the advancement of technology in the auto industry, you have many choices thrown up at you.  A sturdy set of wheels being the most important part of your car the manufacturers are trying various options to make the wheel more useful in enhancing the performance and the stylish look of your vehicle.  Wheels may present a variety of problems. Solutions that can solve many of these are the wheel spacers. If you have any problem with the wheels of your dodge vehicle, explore the market to find the Dodge Wheel Spacers that solve the issue efficiently.

 Buy The Spacers Online                       

A variety of spacers are available to meet your various needs. If you require correcting the offset of your wheel, purchase the dodge ram wheel spacers or the dodge hub-centric spacers to fix the problem. You can select from the extensive list of adapters and spacers available for you. The manufacturers offer a guarantee of 30 days on the products. There is no need to go shopping around the market for the wheel spacer. You can find the one that suits your vehicle, by searching for the site that sells them online. The sites offer you a complete list of options available, along with their specifications and price.


Do Not Go By Price only

 Many manufacturers are making spacers to benefit from the rising demand for the product from the car lovers and drivers. You may find a manufacturer offering the spacers at a minimal price. Going just by the cost can result in problems in future. In case the material is not up to the mark, spacers can also lead to serious accidents.  Select the manufacturer who has a reputation in the market for supplying spacers made of quality material. Purchase a billet aluminum spacer machine for your vehicle. The material used in the spacers offers the strength that is equivalent to that of the wheel you are attaching it to. The superior quality of the billet spacers ensures that you can use them for years to come.

Choose The Correct Design

People often complain that the installation of wheel spacers makes the car vibrate while driving. Some also complain that the spacers cause damage to the studs on the wheel. The spacers itself has nothing to do with this. These snags occur due to the choice of a spacer with a design that does not suit your vehicle. Problems with installation may also lead to such results. When you choose a fragile and cheap spacer for your wheel, you simply mount them on the studs and depend on the wheels to maintain them in place. A thin spacer does not allow the lug nut to sit properly on the studs. This leads to vibrations in the car while driving. With the passage of time, the lug nuts may loosen up, resulting in a fatal accident.

 The Proper Wheel Spacer

customadeonly.com provides the right Dodge Wheel Spacer that comes with bolt holes as well as a set of wheel studs, to fit your vehicle.  A proper installation is necessary for the spacer to perform the task that you seek from it. If you are installing it by yourself, fit the spacer on the original wheel studs and hold them in place by tightening the nuts that come with it, to specifications.

Installing wheel spacer does improve the look and feel of your vehicle. Selecting the right manufacturer, a right design and going by the installation guide is essential to get the best out of it.

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All You Wanted To Know About Ford Wheel Spacers

With the wheel spacer becoming quite popular among the car lovers, many options are available to you to choose from.  Most people, however, feel that spacers are only for the car and trucks of large sizes. If you are in this league, it is time to reject this notion. The wheel spacers can do wonders to your small car by giving it a smarter, steadier and bigger look.  There is no requirement to purchase a larger vehicle to satisfy your desire of driving a big car. Use the Ford Wheel Spacers to give your small car a dashing look and add to its weight. Try out the market and search through many options available, to reach the spacer that is most suitable for the wheel.

Little Space Between the Wheels

Often you find tiny space between the wheels in a car.  The small space leaves no room for the brake kit that stands in between the wheels. You need to create space between the tires to enjoy a better drive. To buy the spacer that fits your car the best, you need to know about your vehicle and its make. These factors influence the width of the spacer to a great extent. Although there are many spacers available that fit any brand or make of cars, going for a spacer that is specially made to fit the model that you drive is a better option.


Going For The Brand

To ensure that the spacer fits your car correctly, most vehicle manufacturers create their brand of spacers. This is to ensure your safety and to improve the handling experience you have with the car. If you drive a Ford, it is always advisable to go for a Ford Wheel Spacer manufactured by the car company and for that you can always visit customadeonly.com.  The spacers have the reputation of being the right fit for the model and the year of manufacture of the vehicle. In case you do not find a spacer that fits your car, readily available, you should go for customized spacers.

The Benefits Of Getting Customized Spacer

When you buy a customized wheel spacer, you are sure to get one that fits into the bolt pattern of the wheel perfectly. The spacers, custom-made for your car also take into consideration the center bore of a wheel. Since the diameter of the center bore is available in the documents, you can easily provide the information to the makers of your customized spacers. Each model of the Ford has a different bolt pattern and a different diameter of the center bore.  Buying readymade spacer on the highway may not fit the wheel properly.

 No Additional Strain On Suspension.

 A common fear that runs among many people is that the installation of wheel spacer results in the wearing away of the suspension components, due to the additional pressure that the spacer puts on it. Experts suggest that although using larger wheels may add to the pressure on the wheel bearings, the spacer does not put any additional strain on the ball joints. People who ruin the cars on the highways and off-road situations, have no complaints about the functionality of the spacers, leave alone the complaints of premature wearing away of the suspension.

 You may go for the hub-centric or the lug-centric design of spacers. Both are equally safe for your vehicle, provided you get the right one for your car and you get the installation done by experts.

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