All you should know about Toyota wheel spacers

The car loving community often talks about customizing vehicles in various ways. Some try to increase the capacity of the engines; some try to make cars look better. The community is still divided about the use of adapters in cars. The experts say that these parts not made for off-roading. But users are very happy about using wheel adapters. They have given positive reviews for it. Just like any other parts, the spacers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes spacers ca miserably go wrong and sometimes they work like a charm. It all depends upon how you are using those.

For vehicles from brand like Toyota, you may need Toyota wheel spacers. It will allow you to add wider set of tires in the configuration of the car. It will make it perfect for difficult terrain and steep turns. It can enhance off-road performance. The stock tires provided with Toyota are mostly made up for driving on concrete made city roads. It also has low suspension demand. A good wheel adapter is responsible for giving you comfortable ride despite bad road conditions. Brake calipers can be successfully distanced from the wheels using adapters. The wheels with wrong backspacing can cause troubles while driving.Spacers can take care of that for you.


The Toyota wheel spacers come in various designs. The model number and type of the vehicle will decide what kind of part will be perfect for you. If you are using spacer for the first time, then use washer type of wheel adapter. It will be attached to the hub just the way we join the washer. This doesn’t add more width than few centimeters. Sometimes you cannot even notice the difference. The advantage of these is that you are not spending much money on this part. It doesn’t include any mounting mechanism. To those, who are planning to install big wheels and achieve greater height, this type is not ideal.

Bolt on design for the spacer is best to those who want maximum ground clearance. Hub of the car gets extended due to bolt-on spacer. It will be joined to existing hub of car. For Toyota trucks, you can buy these parts which are as long as 2”. This will allow you to install bigger tires. Using these, you can give Toyota truck that monster truck look. Spacer made up of high quality aluminum will give you optimum performance. The aluminum also prevents it from rusting. The aluminum spacers are also easier to be made by precision. The durability of the material is high too.

The another choice is stainless steel. It can be used for large and heavy duty trucks. The only problem with the steel parts is that they increase weight. It can also increase you fuel usage. Some steel varieties are also vulnerable to rusting. The suspension of the vehicle also gets affected due to additional weight of the steel parts.  Maintaining spacers is difficult too. You have to frequently service the vehicle to check the conditions for spacer.


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