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There are various types of wheels and adapters. You must have come across mostly hub or lug centric designs. Those who are new to the car customizations can really find these terms confusing like anything. If you don’t have any conceptual understanding of these terms, you can end up buying something which you don’t want. Rather than wasting your money, a little research about various auto parts will help you. These are not highly technical terms. You can learn quickly about how spacer works and what makes them efficient. The local garage managers can also explain you about these terms.

Hubcentric wheel spacers are designed by latest Original equipment manufacturers for various reasons. The OEM wheel made by auto companies is designed to be fits into various types of adapters. Axle of car will be installed into the wheel perfectly if adapter is chosen properly. Axle hub is at the center of this design. The mounting plate does an excellent job of holding everything together with the help of lugnuts. The weight of the car is exerted on this plate. The mechanism has to be strong enough to hold the weight of car along with passengers and luggage on board. Lugnuts are very important in this design because they push the wheels away from other parts on the hub.


The hubcentric wheel spacers are made to keep the wheels connected to the hub. It also avoids friction with other parts. Lugnuts are important to keep this mechanism going. Hub diameter decides what kind of spacer you should install in your car. If it’s too small, then axle can’t’ be installed properly on it.  Large hubs are being made now with bigger diameter so that all types of adapters can be installed there. Small hubs often host lug centric mechanism where lugnuts form self-centering cone mechanism. But this mechanism is not efficient when it comes to more vibrations and slips during the driving. Nuts can face tremendous pressure and suffer wear and tear.

The car makers are now making many hub centric wheels. It is also making it easier for customers to install spacers. The hub design is strong enough to support high pressure off-roading. It also lasts long due to less complicated mechanism. This design is widely available across retailers, dealer and e-commerce websites. So finding spacer of this design for any type of car won’t be difficult for you. Find out right product ID and manufacturing year of the car ready to find perfect spacer, lugnuts and other such accessories. Finding proper part is important here because it can directly affect your safely. Many online portals such as are selling auto parts at cheap prices.

Proper servicing after the installation of the hub centric spacer is important. Any negligence over maintenance can result in an accident such as wheels’ failure or dislocation. The suspension mechanism should be prepared for handling additional pressure caused by spacers. Otherwise it will be difficult to handle bumpy ride for driver the on highway.

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