Dodge Wheel Spacers To Rescue Your Wheels From Misfit Problems

When you buy a vehicle, you will certainly buy one due to your affinity to a name or a brand and also want your favorite vehicle to give you years of optimal service. In the process, you will surely have to make a few changes in the parts. When you opt for the aftermarket parts, you naturally have a wider choice and also better price option without of course compromising the quality and affecting the performance of your vehicle. Among the different parts, the wheels are probably the most intricate ones and will at thetime be in need of some adjustment while fitting.

Coming for all makes

When your favorite vehicle is due for a wheel change, the use of the Dodge Wheel Spacers will surely take care of any alignment problem. These spacers are available for the universal fit and 5 mm thickness and also the specific bolt system like the 4×100 25 mm, 5×100 15 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 38 mm and 50 mm. the 5×114.3 come in the 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 15 mm variants. There is also the 5×139.7 in the ½ thickness to suit the needsof your particular model. You are likely to find the exhaustive list of the vehicle models and the years for which you can sue them.


The apt technology

The precision technology that is made use of in making the CUSTOMADEONLY  Dodge Wheel Spacers ensures the safe and also optimal running of the vehicle, and there is no compromise on the safety level. All spacers that come from the leading manufacturers are made out of solid metal blocks that are corrosion resistant alloys like that of aluminum and class 10.9 carbon steel. Once chalked out, they are then fashioned by the computerized CNC machines that set them for the high tolerance and the perfect fit.

For the technical rectificatio

You will be in need of these spacers when you have to rectify the BBK clearance and offset of the new wheel sets. In the first case, your brake system may be too large, in which case the calipers of the new wheels will brush against the suspension and the inner bore of the wheel. Placing the hub centric spacers will eliminate the problem by pushing the wheels outwards and preventing all possibilities of friction. For the second, the offset of the wheel may be smaller than that of the vehicle resulting in the wheel sitting too inwards and again brushing against the suspension system.

Enhancing the stance too

The hub centric custom made spacers are ideal,also to balance the weight of the load perfectly as they fix around the axle of the vehicle. Once you fit the spacers, the wheels that are pushed outwards will also positively affect the stance of the vehicle. The vehicle will have a more powerful and aggressive look. The look is supported by the fact that the track width increases and it offers better handling of the vehicle at high speed especially when making the bends. The overall effect of the spacers is an optimal functioning of the wheels with an improved look too.


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