Dodge Wheel Spacers To Rescue Your Wheels From Misfit Problems

When you buy a vehicle, you will certainly buy one due to your affinity to a name or a brand and also want your favorite vehicle to give you years of optimal service. In the process, you will surely have to make a few changes in the parts. When you opt for the aftermarket parts, you naturally have a wider choice and also better price option without of course compromising the quality and affecting the performance of your vehicle. Among the different parts, the wheels are probably the most intricate ones and will at thetime be in need of some adjustment while fitting.

Coming for all makes

When your favorite vehicle is due for a wheel change, the use of the Dodge Wheel Spacers will surely take care of any alignment problem. These spacers are available for the universal fit and 5 mm thickness and also the specific bolt system like the 4×100 25 mm, 5×100 15 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 38 mm and 50 mm. the 5×114.3 come in the 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 15 mm variants. There is also the 5×139.7 in the ½ thickness to suit the needsof your particular model. You are likely to find the exhaustive list of the vehicle models and the years for which you can sue them.


The apt technology

The precision technology that is made use of in making the CUSTOMADEONLY  Dodge Wheel Spacers ensures the safe and also optimal running of the vehicle, and there is no compromise on the safety level. All spacers that come from the leading manufacturers are made out of solid metal blocks that are corrosion resistant alloys like that of aluminum and class 10.9 carbon steel. Once chalked out, they are then fashioned by the computerized CNC machines that set them for the high tolerance and the perfect fit.

For the technical rectificatio

You will be in need of these spacers when you have to rectify the BBK clearance and offset of the new wheel sets. In the first case, your brake system may be too large, in which case the calipers of the new wheels will brush against the suspension and the inner bore of the wheel. Placing the hub centric spacers will eliminate the problem by pushing the wheels outwards and preventing all possibilities of friction. For the second, the offset of the wheel may be smaller than that of the vehicle resulting in the wheel sitting too inwards and again brushing against the suspension system.

Enhancing the stance too

The hub centric custom made spacers are ideal,also to balance the weight of the load perfectly as they fix around the axle of the vehicle. Once you fit the spacers, the wheels that are pushed outwards will also positively affect the stance of the vehicle. The vehicle will have a more powerful and aggressive look. The look is supported by the fact that the track width increases and it offers better handling of the vehicle at high speed especially when making the bends. The overall effect of the spacers is an optimal functioning of the wheels with an improved look too.


Range Of Truck Wheel SpacersFor The Correct Fit

Your heavy-duty vehicle is sure to give you your money’s worth with years of service that it provides you. Proper maintenance and care is all that it demands of you and in the process, you sure will have to engage in some aftermarket purchases that will be cost-effective, despite providing the same quality of service. Among the heavy parts the one that is frequently bought from the aftermarket is the wheels. While there is a great variety to choose from, there may be a couple of adjustments that you will have to make when you buy them.

Variants for the brands

The use of the truck wheel spacers that come in different configurations will correct all the adjustment problems. These spacers are custom made so that they can be used for different makes of vehicles coming from different years. There are the 8×170 one to three inches variants, 8×165.1 in the 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 inches, the 8×165.1 in 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 inches variants too. All of these spacers are hub centric that are usually preferred by most users. The spacers like the wheels are fixed to the hub with the axle in the center and the bolts securing them around the axle.

Where to find the best car wheel spacers online?

The custom-made fit

The hub-centric fittings help in properly counterbalancing the vertical weight of the load without affecting the bolts, and thus ensure steady performance. The quality CUSTOMADEONLY truck wheel spacers are made out of solid metal blocks that are machined with the computerized CNC machine. The metals usually make use of are high-grade aluminum and analloy of class10.9 carbon steel. The entire making procedure and the corrosion resistant metals ensure that the spacers are made to ensure the safety of both the passengers and the vehicles. Fixing them is also easy as they come with the built-in bolts that are self-adjusting and provide the secure grip.

Correcting the offset

The primary technical reason as to why you will be in need of the spacers is to either correct the offset or to provide proper brake clearance. Often, when you buy a new set of wheels, you may find that their offset does not match that of the vehicle. If you try to fit them as they are, the wheels will be pushed inwards, giving an awkward look and will end up in the wheels brushing against the suspension components. Placing the appropriate spacer will provide the needed gap to push the wheel outwards for a safe running of the vehicle.

BBK clearance and stance

Another similar reason is that of the brake clearance where the brake system may be too large for the wheel with the result that the calipers will rub against the inner parts. Placing the spacer will again push out the wheel, so that the spoke does not brush against the suspension component. These apart, the use of the spacers that invariably results in pushing the wheel outwards give your vehicle an improved stance and aggressive look that is also plush. This is another reason why such spacers are made use of in the cars participating in the track.

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Total Range Of Nissan Wheel Spacers By Lead Manufacturers

While maintaining your car or any other vehicle that you have wish to use for a long period of time, you will certainly be in need of spare parts and changes. Once the log book period is over, you have the option of changing the parts with several aftermarket products that are cost-effective, while also being of good quality. Larger and expensive parts like those of the wheels are best bought from the aftermarket or the used dealers. Surely you will have large choice but at times will be in need of certain adjustment concerning the fittings of the nuts and the bolts.

The custom specifications

The wheel spacers are specifically made to address any problem of this genre. You will come across custom-made Nissan wheel spacers that will rightly fit with the hub of your vehicle. These spacers are available for the Universal fit with 4, 5 lug category with large holes for universal fit in any type of hub. There are also the hub centric spacers that 4×114.3 in 15mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 38 mm and 50 mm. the 5×114.3 also come in the entire range of thickness of 5 mm, 10 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm and 38 mm.

The quality products

Each of these  CUSTOMADEONLY  Nissan wheel spacers are made out of high-grade aluminum that will ensure corrosion resistant performance for a long time. The finely crafted spacers that are produced by the leading manufacturers are computerized CNC machined from the solid pieces of aluminum that will ensure temperance and also the precise fit. They are enhanced with the built-in wheel studs that if needed will ensure easy installation and even suited for the DYI enthusiast. The nuts too are designed with a taper that will ensure that proper securing of the spacers and their alignment.


The technical use of spacers

You will be in need of these spacers when the wheels that you buy do match the brake kit that may be too large. In such cases, the new calipers are likely to brush against the inner suspension part due to lack of space. This will naturally spell disaster soon and to correct the problem, you will have to place the spacer in between the hub and the wheel that will push the wheel away from the center. The spacer is also needed when the offset of your new wheels do not match that of the vehicle placing it too inward that will again lead to it brushing against the suspension parts.

Enhancing the stance

As the spacer pushes the wheel out due to the space that it occupies and thus creates, the outward positioning of the wheels give the cars a savvy look, especially when it is slightly out of the fenders. The car gets an aggressive and powerful look. The aesthetics apart, this also helps in the handling of the car giving it proper and improved balance especially when it is negotiating the bends. These are the primary reasons why the spacers are commonly used on the tracks. Most leading manufacturers are likely to have their products installed in the premium events.

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Car Wheel Spacers AtGreat Deals With Advance Auto Parts

One of the frequently talked about parts that are used as aftermarket fits are spacers. You may be in need of one such part for several reasons – both technical as well as non-technical. The spacers are made by a number of manufacturers that come in different configurations to suit the individual vehicle models. There are different grades and quality of spacers in the market that are made out of different materials. Naturally the most preferred material is an alloy that will not rust, and thus, those that are made of aluminum and carbon steel are suitable.

All specifications at great price

Coming to the specifications, there are those spacers that are made for the universal fit. But the CUSTOMADEONLY car wheel spacers that are made to fit the individual brands are among those that are most reliable. You are likely to get the 5×114.3 and the 5×100 variant for the hub centric spacers and also the different widths for the lug centric spacers. The online distributors like the Advance Auto Parts that sell these spacers have the entire range for all the leading brands on display at their website. The prices at which they come are far less than those that are available in the real-time retail shops.


Make our pick online

The best part of these custom made spacers that are available online is that you can make the pick of the specific configuration of spacer that you need only at the click of the mouse. For each brand, you will find the spacers that are made for the relevant models with the width needed. Most of thecar wheel spacers have built-in bolts that will automatically fit into the hub securing the spacer on the hub. This will ensure that you can indulge in the DIY mode without having to shell out extra dollars for the mechanic.

Use of the spacers

If you are installing the new wheels that come from another genre, you are almost surely going to be in need of a spacer to adjust the suspensions. In most cases, the offset of the wheel will not match with that of the vehicle leading to the wheel sitting inwards that will make the wheel brush against the suspension parts and end in a disaster. Placing a spacer will ensure that the wheel is adequately pushed out so that the parts are adequately adjusted. It will also correct the look of the vehicle that would have emerged from the inward setting of the wheels.

The powerful plush look

In fact, talking about the looks, many people prefer placing the spacer between the wheel and the hub so purposely push the wheels outwards. This gives the vehicle a more aggressive look and the illusion of being powerful too. This is however not without reason as the vehicle has abetter track with that facilitates the handling and gives better balance even at high speed. Negotiating the bends becomes easy, and the overall impact is that of a well-controlled plush looking car that is one of the primary reasons why spacers are frequently used for cars on the track.

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Dodge Wheel Spacers guarantee an edge to your cars

If you are looking forward to customize your car or put a wheel spacer into it then first you need to find a good site for yourself who can recommend you with the right product and proper installation. Putting a spacer in your wheels proves to be functional as well as it gives a new look to the car. It is a corrective measure for the car wheels. The spacers help to make the wheel more durable and forceful as by virtue of adding it you will bring down the counter balance of the wheels along with the alignment of the tyres. At times the spacers aid in clearing the brakes and suspensions of the vehicle. If you are sure that you have installed the right spacers for your car you are sure to make use of the best jolts which make your car performance smooth and risk free. People at times conclude that spacers add an extra weight to the wheel bearing. However this is not wholly true, one will not find complains from drivers saying the wheel directions are operating problematically due to the wheel spacers. In fact the spacers help in taking smooth corners. The once which are weighty are generally the cheap ones or the ones that do not go with your car company.

Where to find the best car wheel spacers online?

What are the benefits of spacers?

However to cut down the danger of added weight and wheel balance getting a counterbalance fitted to the wheels is what is absolutely necessary. All the other things being equal on a wheel, the balance actually determines the position within the inside walls of the wheel. The more the counterbalance the better will be the position inside the wheel well. The lesser the amount of positive balance the more chances will be there for the wheel to get a push in the direction of the bumper leap.

As I was making a research on the available sites that offer Dodge wheel spacers I came across Customadeonly. There collection of wheel adapters and spacers was amazing and their website which operates all round the clock makes available some good car experts who can give you suggestions on what kind of customization you need to choose for what kind of cars. From them only I came to know that it is always the best to use the same brand of wheel spacers like as your car. Since the fitting makes all the difference by virtue of the wheel balance and longevity.

The CustoMadeOnly-Dodge Wheel Spacers were available all brands and varieties and their 24*7 customer helpline number is enough to guide you through the diameter and shape of the spacer that you need to use for a certain car. There are offers and lucrative service packages to choose from. Also what impressed was their quick service for my complete car customization.

So if you are planning upon putting a wheel spacer in your car then always opt for professional help to make your cars functional as well as impressive in their appearance.

Are Ford Wheel Spacers safe to use?

Customizing your car is always a special thing when you do it on your taste and if you are too much passionate about your car. When starting on customization of a car, if you are interested to get your car decked from top to bottom then starting with the wheels is the best option.


Using a car wheel spacer is recommended to bring out the look of your car as well as creating a statement with it. For different cars, different wheel spacers are available. This is due to the fact that if the wheel spacer does not fit the car wheel properly then remains chances degrading the suspensions and tyre health of the vehicle. Since the spacers also aid a driver in taking smooth corners and stabilise the tire balance making the car performance stable and smooth. If your brand of car is different from the brand of spacer then the brake alignments do not match as the spacer gets inside the wheel producing a gap between the wheel rim and tyre. As a result the tyre suffers damage due to increased friction, the tyre control reduces and thus the road risks increases. The wheels also look ugly when the spacers do not fit well. So it is always recommended to go for the same brand and diameter of your car wheel. For example the other day my friend told me to look for some customization ideas for his ford car. As I was going through the various sites that provide customization and accessories for cars I came across Customadeonly. Their packages and wide variety of car wheel adapters and spacers impressed me. They had every kind of spacers and adapters for every kind of vehicles from trucks to family cars. As I filtered my search to find wheel spacers for my friend, I was amazed at the designs and varieties of them. Their all time operating website has got options to get in touch with their car experts who can suggest you with ideas to customize your car within your budget and taste. My friend had question if the wheel spacer for the Ford car that he owns will be safe since there were many studies which warned Ford users from attaching wheel spacers. But after talking with the group of experts from Customadeonly my friend got assured which spacer to use for his car so that the safety and style of his car is ensured to the fullest. He chose from the line of Customadeonly-Ford wheel spacers and is now quite happy for giving his car a new look that too in such an affordable price. To avoid extra load added from ill fitting wheel adapters and spacers always take recommendation from experts.

The Ford wheel spacers had reputation of being less functional to the cars since most customer reviews that are available online are made by the ones who had bought them randomly without experts advice.

So, in order to make your cars stylish and utility based, go for a proper customization process by experts, only after you have made the right research regarding which company to choose.

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Best Nissan wheel spacers for your car

Wish to make your car look stylish and a bit different from the others. Going for a customization can transform your car completely into something new that will make it stand out of the crowd.

An all round customization starts from the very wheels of the car where you put a nice shiny wheel spacer which is functional as well as a stylish add on to your car’s appearance. Wheel spacers generally made of high quality alloy and aluminium are generally rust free and fitted inside the outer rim of the car wheel to cover the hollow space in midst of the wheels. A wheel spacer is meant to get attached to your car wheel through the hubs. This accessory also has the responsibility to create the distance between the car wheels and the calliper to an extent that is about 1/4″ and anything that is more than that measurement is considered wrong and even risky for taking to the roads.


Moreover the wheel spacers have utility other than the look factor when attached to the tires. It helps the driver to take smooth corners and makes the wheels stable facilitating uninterrupted driving. The fascination to make ones car stand out from the others has taken many to car customization stores because when it comes to big toys it is better to go for expert’s advice rather than one’s own magazine originated ideas.

Another important reason why one should take the cr fopr customization to proper professionals is that for perfect fitting of things. For instance if you do not buy befitting Nissan wheel spacers for your Nissan Car then chances are that the wheel will look ugly, lopsided and the tires will have to take the extra load that will wear away quickly due to increased friction. Surely your car is supposed to reflect your taste and personality but what is the harm in getting the right accessories and then get it fitted by professionals? Lately I came across a very neat and smart car customization site called the Customemadeonly, they can give valuable insights into knowing ones car well and using accessories befitting the car company and owner’s demands. I saw an impressive collection of their Customemadeonly- Nissan wheel spacers and got my Nissan car customized from the top to bottom under their advice. If the right spacers are not used for the right car wheel the suspensions and brake kits might get hampered making them function faultily. The spacer that is perfect for your wheel is going to create a nice a balance between the wheels making the drive effortless and risk free.

The performance and look that my car has right now are due to the prompt and smart works of Customemadeonly. Due to these, the car tires are well guarded and attractive and has become worth noticing in a crowd of cars.

To get the right wheel spacer for your car and get them fitted for the ultimate safety and style of your car consult professionals and let your car create a statement in itself.

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