Use best Wheel Spacers from Customadeonly to give your car the Final Visual and Performance touch.

Generally used to install large sized tires, wheel spacers are specialized devices that fits over your vehicle holding bracket creating extra clearance between the wheel hub and hub assembly. Simply said, the wheel spacers enhance the overall visuals of your car, give it enhanced performance and balance touch, give it bold pattern allowing the wheel to get mounted. Without a wheel spacer, the wheels of the vehicle sit very closer to the existing components and do not look edgy at all.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits for larger tires, best wheel spacers are also used to increase the performance and give a unique appearance. Some people also use wheel spacers to increase their handling capacity of vehicle, also called as traction. The further a wheel is mounted over the hub, the better it grips or traction and the higher the balancing capacity. Since he wheel sits further away from the hub assembly, using wheel spacers for traction also improves the cornering. They are also merely used to extend the wheels outwards form the vehicle, making it look interesting. Now that you have come to know the basics of wheel spacers, there are few questions that might be hindering your mind before you buy a pair of wheel spacers for your car or truck. What are the frequently asked questions and what are their replies, here is a look.

Where to find the best car wheel spacers online?

Who are the typical wheel spacer buyers?

Though they are not limited to be used by any particular car owner, usually the driver for sedans or SUV- Sports Utility Vehicle are the usual buyers who want to give their cars sportier look. They might also buy best wheel spacers to improve the handling and stability of vehicle.

Do you need to buy new pair of tires and rims when I buy my spacers?

Not necessarily, though it depends on your own decision. In most of the cases the wheel spacers work well with the existing tires and rims of your vehicle. However, you need to check the spacer manufacturer’s compatibility to ensure.

What I need to look for a good wheel spacers?

Generally, there are three things you need to consider: The quality, the Size and the type. The aluminium made wheel spacers must be preferred over other qualities. The size, you will need to check and confirm it by measuring the gap between wheel and hub of your car. The type: hub centric is the best for most vehicles.


When do you need spacers?

Spacers can be used to correct the offset of the wheel of your car. Yet there are numerous reasons that you might need to buy a wheel spacer, including new visuals, better performance, stability, handling etc.

Does it matter what brand wheel Spacers I use?

Of course Yes! The quality and brand of spacers are important as low quality comes with low life span, poor load capacity etc. We recommend you to choose the best wheel spacers from Custom madeOnly to ensure long lasting performance and cheap prices.

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