Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About custom wheel adapters

Wheel adapters are the talk of the town and they are just the right thing that a car lover might want. They help to change the bolt pattern of you vehicle’s hub and help to move the wheel outwards, allowing you to use custom wheels for vans and cars. There are many companies that provide a variety of wheel adapters in popular patterns and quality. Custom Madeonly is a reputed name when it comes to shop for wheel adapters and spacers of fine quality. Wheel adapters at Custom Made only are:

  • The adapters are constructed from high quality materials
  • Various thickness and diameters available
  • Made for almost all models and makes
  • Custom designed bolt patterns

Wheel Spacers v/s Wheel Adapters

This is one of the most important questions that need to be addressed. Most people have an assumption that wheel spacers and adapters are two same things but actually there is slight difference. Every wheel adapter is wheel spacers but vice versa is not same. Wheel spacers are special equipments that fit in between the hubs and wheels of your vehicle and pull the cylinder outwards as much as ¼ inches. Anything beyond that is not considered to be safe. Wheel spacers are generally used to stock the bolts and up to a certain safety levels. Wheel adapters are also made to serve the same purpose. They basically have two different uses:

  • They push the distance in between your wheels out further by adding an adapter of same pattern bolts to your current factory hub wheel setup.
  • They can greatly change the bolt pattern


Are wheel adapters safe?

If installed properly, wheel adapters are as safe as a bolting on wheel. It is proper installation that is vital for safety in almost all sorts of automotive parts. It is recommended to use factory specifications while mounting your wheel adapters to your vehicle.

What thickness do you need?

Wheel adapter’s thickness can be best determined by measuring the proper measurement that can be done by professional and even by you. Measuring the wheel and hub space is all you need to get the estimate of thickness.

How can I differentiate between a wheel adapter and wheel spacer?

  • Wheel adapters change your vehicles bolt pattern ie (5×114.3 to 5×120.7)
  • Wheel spacer’s space out your existing bolt pattern ie (5×114.3 to 5×114.3)

How does adding a wheel adapter affect my vehicle?

When altering any of the vehicle parts, remember you are going to change the way vehicle is engineered to operate. Even adding skinnier, wider, taller or shorter diameter tires can change the way vehicle is handled and operated. This is the same case when you add wheel adapters to your vehicle. If not installed clearly, they can have a negative effect on steering components, wheel bearings or suspension. Adding a wheel spacer or adapter can however, significantly improve the balancing, handling, turning as well as sportier and edgy look to your vehicle.

Blog source :  http://customadewheelspacer.tumblr.com/post/138199402652/everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-custom


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