Use best Wheel Spacers from Customadeonly to give your car the Final Visual and Performance touch.

Generally used to install large sized tires, wheel spacers are specialized devices that fits over your vehicle holding bracket creating extra clearance between the wheel hub and hub assembly. Simply said, the wheel spacers enhance the overall visuals of your car, give it enhanced performance and balance touch, give it bold pattern allowing the wheel to get mounted. Without a wheel spacer, the wheels of the vehicle sit very closer to the existing components and do not look edgy at all.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits for larger tires, best wheel spacers are also used to increase the performance and give a unique appearance. Some people also use wheel spacers to increase their handling capacity of vehicle, also called as traction. The further a wheel is mounted over the hub, the better it grips or traction and the higher the balancing capacity. Since he wheel sits further away from the hub assembly, using wheel spacers for traction also improves the cornering. They are also merely used to extend the wheels outwards form the vehicle, making it look interesting. Now that you have come to know the basics of wheel spacers, there are few questions that might be hindering your mind before you buy a pair of wheel spacers for your car or truck. What are the frequently asked questions and what are their replies, here is a look.

Where to find the best car wheel spacers online?

Who are the typical wheel spacer buyers?

Though they are not limited to be used by any particular car owner, usually the driver for sedans or SUV- Sports Utility Vehicle are the usual buyers who want to give their cars sportier look. They might also buy best wheel spacers to improve the handling and stability of vehicle.

Do you need to buy new pair of tires and rims when I buy my spacers?

Not necessarily, though it depends on your own decision. In most of the cases the wheel spacers work well with the existing tires and rims of your vehicle. However, you need to check the spacer manufacturer’s compatibility to ensure.

What I need to look for a good wheel spacers?

Generally, there are three things you need to consider: The quality, the Size and the type. The aluminium made wheel spacers must be preferred over other qualities. The size, you will need to check and confirm it by measuring the gap between wheel and hub of your car. The type: hub centric is the best for most vehicles.


When do you need spacers?

Spacers can be used to correct the offset of the wheel of your car. Yet there are numerous reasons that you might need to buy a wheel spacer, including new visuals, better performance, stability, handling etc.

Does it matter what brand wheel Spacers I use?

Of course Yes! The quality and brand of spacers are important as low quality comes with low life span, poor load capacity etc. We recommend you to choose the best wheel spacers from Custom madeOnly to ensure long lasting performance and cheap prices.

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Company who has best wheel adapters for sale

Wheel spacers are need for every vehicle owner and especially to those who love to personalize and accessorize their 4 wheelers with some edgy looks. While there are many other ways like LED lights, side accessories and others to make your ordinary car look better and unique from others, the wheel adapters and accessories are unique in themselves. They also add life to your wheels and provide apt balance when your car is running on road. One can easily buy wheel adapters and ample of choices are available in the market to choose from. Gone are those days one we had to settle with the pre manufactured items in the market or run towards some brick and mortar store to grab accessories or confirm the prices.


Wheel adapters are ideal equipments to increase the clearance on the interior of wheel’s rim that ultimately helps in better car suspension of your car. They actually help in changing the patterns of bolts of your car’s hub which in turn extrudes wheels towards outside proving way to better suspension of the car. Wheel adapters, just like any other equipment are of several kinds and can be found anywhere. They differ in their diameter or length depending upon how much intrusion you had wanted and you can also get them custom made for your vehicle.

Online wheel adapters manufacturers are all over the world available and they cater to the vivid requirements of clients for various sizes, quality and vehicles. From very normal cars to sports one, wheel adapters of high quality can be found on wheel adapter manufacturers online. These manufacturers comply with the standards of industry and also come with guarantee to provide safety to their customers. Many times these sites and manufacturers have wheel adapters for sale where numerous varieties of wheel adapters are available at high discount and cheap prices.

These sales are a great way to buy wheel adapters or other accessories of high quality and save bucks. However, in excitement to buy one quickly, you must always cross check your requirements, size needed and the authenticity of such manufacturers. Not all manufacturers are genuine and that’s why you are suggested to make purchase from reputed ones only. Wheel adapters on sale is an opportunity and in a zeal to bring yourself one or two at cheap prices, most of us forget to check the quality, original prices and the worst case, size.

Though a reputed firm always offers easy to return and shipping policies but even then there is no use of buying and returning something that is sheer a case of negligence. If you want to search for sales, then research online and keep tabs on the sites that provide car and wheels adapters and spacers in stock. The sales can be seasonal or occasional. The companies who have best adapters for sale often run out of stock within minutes or hours of start of the sale and that’s why you must be pro active while availing such chances. Sale items are often irreplaceable and that’s why you are supposed to decide and give a thought before pressing the buy button.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About custom wheel adapters

Wheel adapters are the talk of the town and they are just the right thing that a car lover might want. They help to change the bolt pattern of you vehicle’s hub and help to move the wheel outwards, allowing you to use custom wheels for vans and cars. There are many companies that provide a variety of wheel adapters in popular patterns and quality. Custom Madeonly is a reputed name when it comes to shop for wheel adapters and spacers of fine quality. Wheel adapters at Custom Made only are:

  • The adapters are constructed from high quality materials
  • Various thickness and diameters available
  • Made for almost all models and makes
  • Custom designed bolt patterns

Wheel Spacers v/s Wheel Adapters

This is one of the most important questions that need to be addressed. Most people have an assumption that wheel spacers and adapters are two same things but actually there is slight difference. Every wheel adapter is wheel spacers but vice versa is not same. Wheel spacers are special equipments that fit in between the hubs and wheels of your vehicle and pull the cylinder outwards as much as ¼ inches. Anything beyond that is not considered to be safe. Wheel spacers are generally used to stock the bolts and up to a certain safety levels. Wheel adapters are also made to serve the same purpose. They basically have two different uses:

  • They push the distance in between your wheels out further by adding an adapter of same pattern bolts to your current factory hub wheel setup.
  • They can greatly change the bolt pattern


Are wheel adapters safe?

If installed properly, wheel adapters are as safe as a bolting on wheel. It is proper installation that is vital for safety in almost all sorts of automotive parts. It is recommended to use factory specifications while mounting your wheel adapters to your vehicle.

What thickness do you need?

Wheel adapter’s thickness can be best determined by measuring the proper measurement that can be done by professional and even by you. Measuring the wheel and hub space is all you need to get the estimate of thickness.

How can I differentiate between a wheel adapter and wheel spacer?

  • Wheel adapters change your vehicles bolt pattern ie (5×114.3 to 5×120.7)
  • Wheel spacer’s space out your existing bolt pattern ie (5×114.3 to 5×114.3)

How does adding a wheel adapter affect my vehicle?

When altering any of the vehicle parts, remember you are going to change the way vehicle is engineered to operate. Even adding skinnier, wider, taller or shorter diameter tires can change the way vehicle is handled and operated. This is the same case when you add wheel adapters to your vehicle. If not installed clearly, they can have a negative effect on steering components, wheel bearings or suspension. Adding a wheel spacer or adapter can however, significantly improve the balancing, handling, turning as well as sportier and edgy look to your vehicle.

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Protect your wheel by custom wheel adapters from

Wheel spacer and custom wheel adapters play an important role for almost all sorts of vehicle. A personal cannot imagine their life without spacers. They provide stylish look and also protect your tires. Generally they are a kind of tool that is made of various kinds of metals of high quality. But most of the times these adapters and spacers are made up of aluminum due to high tensile strength. Wheel adapters either come custom made and universal as well.

Universal designed adapters are made for different kinds of wheels and can fit almost all sorts of wheel spacers and most of the new buyers opt to buy them. Whereas when we talk about custom made wheel adapters than a technician team sits and make a design approved by their client’s requirements and they are then available to buyers or the one who has ordered them to be custom made.


These wheel adapters are made of superior quality and billet material. The wheels are attached to the adapters using the studs which you just need to press in. You can get custom made studs as well as per their number of sizes made for various applications. It is the thickness of the adapter that determines the distance in between the inner hub and rim of the wheel.

How to select proper custom wheel adapters?

There are numerous things that you should know if you want to maintain your wheels properly through wheel adapters. Generally, a technician or a professional can describe and help you the best. So, the best choice to know how to protect your wheels is to consult a professional or reputed company from the market. They will offer you comprehensive detailed knowledge about the wheel adapters and the maintenance procedure in details. They can also help you to avail affordable priced wheel adapters.

Universal wheel adapters are not made of poor quality or come with some short comings, but if compared to custom made wheel adapters then they are much better. The custom made wheel adapters have unique quality and precise fitness. They are made taking into consideration with the length of wheel, center, spacer, loss of cinch, flexing etc and that’s why they are the primary choice for most of the buyers. Universal made wheel adapters, on other hand are generalized versions that may or may not fit your tire space or suit your personalized needs.

Companies like Custom made only supply customized wheel adapters that are not only high quality made but are affordably priced to serve the customers. They cater to the needs of wheel adapters for various vehicles and price segment. Being a specialist in the manufacturing and supplying of wheel spacers, they are self proclaimed experts and will provide you the best options amongst the available choices. You can buy wheel adapter and other wheel accessories with them and order online. Their quick delivery and free shipping charges are applauded by the customers. Protect your wheel by custom wheel adapters from!

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